The liberals resume where they left off

️Obviously not 1600 is the flame and not 500 is the ice cream. Sure, that's all, say, on the private beach of a five-star hotel, but everyone can find the right price for their budget.

The liberals resume where they left off

There’s a flame for 600, and there’s ice cream for 300, but that’s not the point!

With such lies, their goal is to
People should not go on vacation, be in a bad mood,
complain, spread this lie, lament.
Merchants working in Hungarian tourism should not have
resulting in lower tax revenue.
If someone still goes on holiday, take the money abroad,
and complain there about how expensive Hungary is.

Libis want to hurt the people and the country, that's all! For them, the good thing is that everything is (also) bad, this has been blown for 12 years, and there are signs that they will continue to push it. Of course, it is not described that today 2x as many people can afford a vacation as 10 years ago.

The doodles of the Portfolio have forgotten to describe their other mantra, according to which every beach is paid and every beach belongs to Mészáros (or Tiborczé).)

We’ve linked all of their previous attempts into these two articles, it’s worth a look. Last year, they lied that Lake Balaton was empty, and then for a few days it was full of urine.


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