Orbán made a good decision

In the new government, economic development, defense, agriculture, industry, innovation, foreign affairs, and finance were given prominence.

Orbán made a good decision

If these are okay, there will be money for education, health, sports, and everything else. These tasks will be performed by existing ministries.

️Conceived assignment of tasks instead of demagoguery! The areas of emphasis create the CONDITIONS for spending sports, health and education to work. The fact is that these areas only carry money, while industry, agriculture, innovation and finance create the resources to make them work, defense creates security for all of us and, of course, we need energy and food. There are times when you need to prioritize correctly!

A separate Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health would now be a great luxury! The world is experiencing an economic war, with successive announcements of food export decisions and who knows when the war in Ukraine will end.

We have described this only for the sake of those who missed the independent ministries in the areas listed. These are TASKS that the government will continue to do, but in our view, these are not the most important and energy-intensive areas right now.

Here are the names and ministries:


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