NO! We do not authorize anyone to do this!

Brussels is not an ally, but an enemy who always deceives us!

NO!  We do not authorize anyone to do this!

What have we just read? "European Commission may offer compensation to Hungary for adoption of oil embargo as part of new EU energy strategy"

NO! Energy policy is a strategic national issue!
️We should not go into any common agreement, because they will be beaten in the same way as the recovery fund, where we have taken responsibility for other Member States but have not received money to date!

We do not think the government will go into this, but if it does, we will certainly not support ANY new agreement with Brussels. Let's learn from the mistakes of the past. Not a word of these is true, they cross Hungary where they can. Where is the horse we are entitled to from the recovery fund? Hmm? Why is it that we have a competitive disadvantage vis-à-vis other Member States by withholding (stealing) our money? We signed, we took responsibility or debt instead of other Member States, if you like, but we did not get our own slice of the cake.

Going to Brussels for good ..... .......! Energy policy, and the energy industry in general, is a strategic sector, and limiting it to external regulation would, in our view, be a crime and a treason. As a voter in our country, this red line crosses this, puts the energy sector under external influence, limits its operation with common decisions, it can no longer enjoy our trust. We don't think Fidesz will go into this, right!

️Whoever agrees, share these thoughts!


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