️They cannot blackmail Hungary

That's why the big and huge Ukrainian regime got upset about the Hungarian gas contract!

️They cannot blackmail Hungary

The Germans have decided to prepare for gas shortages despite existing gas transmission capacity. It’s like when a patient on a ventilator pulls their own ventilator out of the outlet.

️Hungarian situation: Despite the closure of Ukraine, Hungary's gas supply is guaranteed.https://bit.ly/3svltVv
️Orban stepped in time! Gas arrives in Hungary bypassing Ukraine.https://bit.ly/3N7ICVV
️Hungarian-Russian gas agreement: Ukraine has lost blackmail potential. In vain do we get Russian gas even when the "mighty Ukrainians" are on top of their heads.https://bit.ly/39bdzdd
️It was a complaint: Ukraine turned to the European Commission over the Russian-Hungarian gas business. They went to complain and cry on the shoulders of foreign owners.https://bit.ly/3yt4lnn
In addition: Hungarian overheads are still the lowest in Europe.https://bit.ly/3Pf9PrL
Natural gas is right here: there are countries where gas costs TEN times as much as in Hungary.https://bit.ly/3FAWMMZ

Thank you, Fidesz-KDNP! We voted for you again because we see that you are on the side of the Hungarian people!

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