The German government is the enemy of the German people and German companies!

This is how we have to ruin the economy with our own hands

The German government is the enemy of the German people and German companies!

There's a new wire there, but they don't need it. The pipeline is ready, it will be filled with gas as soon as the permit is issued, the next day the gas will start, which would be much larger than what is currently coming through Ukraine. By transmitting the gas to other countries, they could even earn on it, not a little!

People and companies are stressed
The Germans are afraid the gas supply will be cut off: with this video, disaster preparedness will prepare the population for what to do. In Hungarian, in addition to the constant rise in the price of gas (and other energy sources), people are even threatened with a shortage. How do you envision economic growth, the creation of a peaceful life in such conditions? Which company will dare to invest if it is questionable whether there will be energy for production?

The Ukrainians have taken shape, blackmailed the EU, shut off the gas. Ukraine will stop gas transit to Europe through the breakaway territories. 32.6 million cubic meters of Russian gas a day enter Europe through the pipelines, while Nord Stream II. capacity is 55 billion cubic meters per year, or 150 million cubic meters per day!

The German government is still not issuing the permit. What if it's not treason? If we had such a government, we would have been expelled from Parliament long ago. Fortunately, Viktor Orbán and his government represent the interests of the Hungarian people, which is why we voted for them again!


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