No one will decide over our heads!

️If the veto ends, exit immediately!

No one will decide over our heads!

For our part, we empower the government to take the necessary steps, and if exit is the only option, so be it. What is it about?

More and more liberal voices can be heard about ending the veto. We do not understand the technical implementation of this, because if there is a veto now, such an amendment to the treaty could only be made by a unanimous decision, not to mention that in our opinion it would be appropriate to hold a separate referendum on this in each country. We know that the institution of a referendum or a national consultation is no longer fashionable in the West, it is quite common for governments to decide on people without the involvement of the people.

But let’s get back to the specific examples, here are just three:
Guy Verhofstadt: One of the main proposals is to end the EU's veto:
Von der Leyen on the EU: Unanimity no longer works in key areas:
Macron also supports the abolition of unanimity in the EU:

What does this mean in practice? That e.g. without the consent of the Hungarians, someone abroad would decide who we can buy gas from and what we do not mean by family, they could decide whether to settle migrants arriving at the southern border or whether to supply arms to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime.

Madness! If, by some miracle, with hundreds of tricks, I still get the veto to end, we MUST STOP THIS SHOOT, but immediately! NO ONE CAN DECIDE OVER OUR HEAD! We have entered an EU, we have signed a treaty that includes this right and we have it. If the terms of the contract are changed by one party arbitrarily, the contract is terminated and the other party is given a free hand.

If you agree, pass it on!

Fresh: The President of the European Commission has arrived in Hungary, negotiations are taking place. We do not yet know what they are talking about, but we hope that Viktor Orbán will clarify the Hungarian position in this area as well.

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