The country will definitely develop by 2026!

Another victory for Fidesz also means that the development that has been going on for 12 years will not stop

The country will definitely develop by 2026!

We show "where the juice is" with another 8 developments :)

Nyíregyháza: new bus site
Public transport in Nyíregyháza will be raised to a higher level: the new bus site is already under construction
The bus site will be built to improve public transport in the county town. As part of this, a site will be built for buses providing public transport in Nyíregyháza, which will fully meet the needs of today and be able to serve long-term developments on a scheduled basis. The facility will be located in a development area developed as part of a previous so-called “brownfield” investment on Tiszavasvári út.
Source: szintre-emelik-nyiregyhaza-tomegkozlekedeset-mar-epul-az-uj-autobusz-telephely

Below: the Vörösmarty school has been renewed
The school in the border town has been renovated exterior and interior
The Mihály Vörösmarty Primary School in Lenti was renewed with the work of Szabadics Zrt. The infrastructural development of the pre-regime style buildings of the institution was carried out by the contractors in the investment of the Zalaegerszeg Tank District Center.

Budapest: new diagnostic array
The new diagnostic building of the Ferenc Jahn South Pest Hospital and Outpatient Clinic was handed over on Friday.
At the handover of the HUF 770 million investment, Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, spoke about the fact that HUF 1.7 billion of the HUF 700 billion Healthy Budapest Program (EBP) for the development of the capital and the central region has already been implemented. value. He added that the building now handed over and the high-value imaging equipment that will be housed in it will greatly contribute to better diagnosis of diseases and higher quality patient care.

Pécs: the new market hall is ready
Strengthening the local connection and using Zsolnay elements, the new market hall of Pécs was realized
The construction of the newest fair hall in Pécs has been completed, and the construction works in the northern area will soon reach the finish line. This means the new facility may open during the summer.
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Székesfehérvár: the hospital is expanding
They are already working on the new internal medicine block of the largest hospital in Fejér County
The Fejér-B.Á.L. Zékesfehérvár and the consortium of Épkar Zrt. Will expand the central hospital of Székesfehérvár with more than six thousand square meters. The new building, to be completed under the Modern Cities Program on behalf of the Investment Agency, will be a three-story, 112-bed internal medicine block of 6,366 square feet net. The project also advances the oncology, pulmonology and infectious care of the hospital.

Andocs: The school has been renewed
Mihály Witzmann wrote: We promised, we finished it, we delivered it!
500 million school development in Andocs!
New building, new classrooms, energy developments, renovated yard, sports field, furniture and equipment.
Anyone who builds a school believes in the future!
Come on, Somogy!

Neszmély: the new ferry port is under construction
In the investment of our company, several developments are taking place that promote the infrastructural connection between the Hungarian and Slovak borders. In addition to the construction of the border bridges and the implementation of the EuroVelo6 cycle route, the construction of a two-way ferry port and connecting road connecting Neszmély and Dunaradvány (Radvaň nad Dunajom) began in the winter of 2021.
The development on the Hungarian side of the “Ferry in Neszmély-Radvaň project” will be carried out by STRABAG Építő Kft. During the investment, a 2 × 1-lane road will be built from the intersection of Fő út, Nyáraska utca and Révész köz and lead to the bank of the Danube, where a ramp and a ferry port providing passenger transport will be built. There will be 9 car parks on the Slovak side and 28 on the Hungarian side.

Tram-Train: the yard is ready
János Lázár wrote: The construction of the new, modern tram train station in Szeged has been completed. The trams have already moved.

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