Despite the difficulties, the development does not stop!

Another 8 examples show "where is the juice" :)

Despite the difficulties, the development does not stop!

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Mórahalom: the school has been renewed
Miklós Káslerwrote: Móra Ferenc Mórahalmi Primary School was renewed and expanded from a non-refundable grant of HUF 693.1 million
As a result of the development, in addition to the renovation of the existing school building, we created new employment areas by installing an attic. In the new part of the building, modern specialist classrooms, additional rooms and barrier-free washbasins have been designed to meet the needs of the modern age.
The gym has been given a new sports floor, and in parallel we have renovated the changing rooms and the water blocks.
As part of the project, new furniture and IT equipment, including 25 digital tablets, laboratory equipment, training and sports equipment, were purchased from HUF 100 million.

Pécs: construction of the new fire brigade completed
This new building in Pécs will guarantee the safety of 120,000 people
The Pécs Disaster Management Office and the Pécs Professional Fire Brigade are being developed with new buildings and modernization works. Two new objects will be built in the development: while the existing building in Engel János Street will be remodeled and a new barracks building will be created in addition to the old one; Until then, a new building will be erected in Tüzér Street in a greenfield investment, the contractor of which is Merkbau Zrt.

Kiskunhalas: a new workers' hostel was built
An employee hostel was built in Kiskunhalas to provide hotel conditions
The hotel, which can accommodate 155 people, was handed over on 22 April in Kiskunhalas. The Mistrál Hotel in Tamás Esze Housing Estate was established as a brownfield investment by renovating a building that has not been used for a long time. The government provided a non-refundable grant of HUF 407.7 million for the project.

Veszprém: a new workshop was built
One of the elements of the Veszprém industrial park has been completed: a renovated workshop and a new educational wing await the vocational students.
The 1,200-square-meter workshop of the Jendrassik-Venesz Technical School underwent a complete energy modernization with the work of VEMÉV-SZER Kft.

Gödöllő: a new gymnasium is being built
In the first phase, the supporting structure and external structure of the entire sports facility with a total useful floor area of ​​4,515 square meters will be completed. In addition, a multifunctional sports field with a flexible floor area of ​​1001 square meters and a sports floor with a net floor area of ​​269 square meters, as well as the traffic and engineering rooms supplying them will be built.

Tata: A new nursery has been built
János Bencsik - For the Tata Basinwritten by:
The Nádas-dűlő nursery will open in September
The technical handover of the nursery building took place and at the same time the furnishing of the institution began. In September, the wise will start with two groups.
A nursery will also be built in Szárliget and Vértesszőlős (Baromállás-dűlő), and the existing institution will be expanded in Tatabánya-Dózsakert. In the case of the latter, a government decision approving it was made a few days ago.
It could also be built in Tatabánya-Felsőgallá, but for some mysterious reason, the mayor is not very urgent about the preparations. The favorable government decision was made two years ago!

New machines are coming to the Army
The strengthening of the Hungarian Armed Forces continues: the Hungarian army will be expanded with additional aircraft, the government said on its Facebook page on Friday.
According to the registration, in 2024 the fleet of the Hungarian Armed Forces will be expanded with 12 light jet aircraft of the L-39NG type. Eight of these will be for pilot training and four for reconnaissance purposes, they added.
“We are building a national force that guarantees peace and security in the country,” the government said on its Facebook page.

Renovation of the Citadel is well under way
The Citadel, which has been closed for many years and is now dilapidated, is being renovated under the direction of the Castle Headquarters. The fortress on the top of Gellért Hill will be reborn with the work of ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. And Market Építő Zrt. As part of the development, the outer walls of the fort will be reconstructed and the inner courtyard will be rehabilitated.
The stone structure of the fortification walls started to deteriorate over a wide area due to long-term moisture and salt loading, and its strength also decreased based on preliminary diagnostic tests. During the restoration, the surfaces are cleaned, calcite and gypsum precipitates are removed, and weak weathered parts are removed.


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