After a lot of kindergartens, schools and hospitals, we finally have a stadium!

Nyíregyháza: the City Stadium is under construction!

After a lot of kindergartens, schools and hospitals, we finally have a stadium!

Those under the influence of the left-liberal sham propaganda media should watch the videos at the end of the description! Especially the "hospital" :)

In addition to football matches, they will be able to hold other events at the new stadium

At the county seat, the modern stadium will be built with a covered stand with more than 12,200 square feet and 8,150 seats, with a reinforced concrete pillared structure that will house a 10,160-square-foot central football field. They will also make sure that the stadium is multifunctional: a 160-square-meter stage will be set up, not just sporting events.

The complex will include a separate two-storey, two-hundred-square-foot sports center with a fitness room and changing rooms, as well as a 670-meter-long running track paved around the stadium.

The old stadium was built more than 60 years ago, with outdated technology even then

However, in order to build a modern, UEFA-2 compliant complex, the permitting process had to go through and construction plans had to be prepared, and the old stadium had to be demolished first. We received information about the latter work phase, mostly in the first half of the autumn and winter, from Gábor Illés, the construction manager of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who also informed our newspaper about the first step in the construction of the new facility.

The demolition of the 64-year-old ground stadium (a stadium handed over with stands built on land embankments around the football field was already considered obsolete) was a major task at the time. During the works

4550 cubic meters of recycled concrete debris since then,
3000 cubic meters of rubble
and 258.42 tons of steel structure

The seats of the old stands could be taken home by the fans
The work phase went according to plan, with professional management. Gábor Illés emphasized that the chairs of the old stadium were donated to the fans and the nearby sports facilities, thus reducing the amount of waste generated. “Or so anyone who wanted to could take home a piece from their beloved’s stadium,” he added.

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