Here are 8 more projects and thousands more on our website!

we cast! Development does not stop!

Here are 8 more projects and thousands more on our website!

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PĂ©cs: the football academy is ready
With the completion of the academy, almost three hundred young footballers will be able to continue their careers in conditions that are worthy of their development. There is also an indoor artificial grass hall and several outdoor tracks for young athletes

Kecskemét: a new family support center
Built heritage was reborn in Kecskemét: the new family support center of the Rudolf Barracks was handed over
The new family and child welfare center in Kecskemét has been completed: with the investment, the staff of the center will be able to organize care at the city and district level in a more modern, familiar environment. The new family and child welfare center was built on the site of the former Rudolf Barracks, which is now suitable for the introduction of modern social work and also functions as a professional workshop, according to the city council.

SzigetszentmiklĂłs: new kindergarten
It will be completed in a few months, and in the autumn 100 young children will be able to take possession of SzigetszentmiklĂłs' new kindergarten, which will be built in the Bucka district with the help of the Government's program for the development of Pest County. We're still moving forward, SzigetszentmiklĂłs!

The Kútvölgy block is being renewed
The replacement of the façade has now been completed, but the institution will be renewed within five billion forints throughout the year, said Balázs Fürjes.
"I mean: the work is done, the facade renovation is ready, the demolition of the scaffolding has already started, after that everything will be put in place," the politician wrote. A total of 11,000 square feet of old exterior cladding was demolished and the entire insulation replaced. The building received new windows and the energy was modernized, and the heating and cooling system was renewed.
According to Balázs Fürjes, the work will not stop here, because it will be completely renewed inside the Kútvölgy as well - the government has provided HUF 5 billion for the work. 250 new patient beds, operating rooms and endoscopic laboratories, as well as new medical rooms and community spaces will be built by the end of the year.

Kerekegyháza: new government window
The 19th government window of Bács-Kiskun county was handed over
New customer service will be available from March 31 at 4 István tér in Kerekegyháza. The document office of the settlement, which has been expanded into a government window, is located at 47 / A Fő utca. has moved from number one to wait for customers in the modern environment with a wider range of administration and longer opening hours
At the handover ceremony on March 30, Dr. István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration, Ernő Kovács, Government Plenipotentiary of the Bács-Kiskun County Government Office, Dr. László Salacz, Member of Parliament, and Dr. Márk Kelemen, Mayor of Kerekegyháza, greeted.

Ă“buda: the Salesian oratorio has been renewed
The renovated Salesian oratorio and provincial headquarters in Ă“buda were handed over
Members of the Don Bosco Salesian Society and volunteer helpers can now receive young people in new buildings, provide education and meaningful pastimes. The building of the Oratorio and Provincial Headquarters in Óbuda was blessed by Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest. At the event, the Minister of Finance emphasized that the government appreciates the pedagogical traditions of the Salesian order and the outstanding work that its members do for young people, especially the disadvantaged.

Debrecen: the Old Garden school was renewed
The interiors of the Old Garden Primary School and Primary School of Art have been renovated. The renovated parts were handed over on Friday, at the event Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa put it: the Old Garden is a real educational center. Washbasins, water blocks and classrooms have been renovated, and the interior of the institution has been given new painting and cladding.

Pusztavam: the tourist house has been renovated
The inauguration ceremony connected with the ribbon-cutting was over in the yard of the Malomerdő Pension. The development took place from about 68 million forints from state funds, during which the tourist house was renovated and a new community space was created not far from it, where hikers returning from hiking and petting zoos can recall the most important and beautiful moments of the day in nature in the evenings.


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