Telex readers have been scammed again!

They were created with a lie and have been lying ever since!

Telex readers have been scammed again!

Orbán didn't "plow in" the index, the discarded ballot paper article was written in February! The lies have been prepared in advance!

Time machine: Telex was able to write its article on discarded Transylvanian ballot papers on February 1st. The discrepancy between the time the article was born and the time it was published was discovered by an independent election media monitoring delegation requested by the Foundation for Transparent Journalism.

️ Similarly, the potato videos and the "almost burnt, almost crumpled" ballot lies in Hungary have been prepared in advance.

Pictures, evidence:

Not far from the residence of the well-known left-wing activist, Boróka Parászka, 25-30 ballots were found thrown out, and the left is demanding the destruction of foreign votes as a result. You can read more about this by clicking here.

The news was reported by Telex, among others, and the story was shared on Facebook. Interestingly, based on the URL on the Facebook developer page, this article was written by the portal on February 1, 2022:

How could the article be in February unless the letter votes were received on March 15th?

Although the chronology of the article URL shown above has changed since our article was written, Telex was able to create the article on February 1, based on the version stored by Google's search engine. Of particular interest is the fact that the voters in Transylvania were not allowed to vote until 15 March.

The prefabricated lie is still visible here:

This is how they lead receptive, naive readers by the nose. They lie "morning, night and evening"

This case, we think, is smoothly a crime: electoral fraud. We hope they make the reports.The official website of the Gyula Budai Member of Parliament- it is worth examining, do not lie with impunity!


They've lied before, we wrote about it:
Once again, one of the largest foreign-funded sham news factories is expanding with lies!
Telex invented the timetable for the election months ago!
The left is about to fall!
They lie about fraud even before the election, and surely the potato videos are also being diligently produced!
Writing by Balázs Németh:

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