Let's stay developing country! Come on, Fidesz!

Don’t let the left pass everything on to their buddies and foreign companies! Let's go vote!

Let's stay developing country!  Come on, Fidesz!

We show you "where is the juice" with 8 more developments!

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Sopron: new law enforcement center
The integrated law enforcement center in Sopron was handed over
With the state investment, the first building was built in Hungary, which provides modern law enforcement agencies with modern, excellent ergonomic accommodation.
The area of ​​operation of the professional fire brigade in Sopron covers twenty-seven settlements, and in the area of ​​five hundred and sixty-four square kilometers, firefighters ensure the safety of more than seventy thousand people, who were alerted to more than four hundred incidents in 2021. The building is divided into two major components, one for the control wing and the other for the crew wing. The vehicle fleet consists of two vehicle syringes, a water truck, a rescue vehicle from a height, a technical rescue vehicle and two forest fire vehicles.
The design of the now handed over building complex began in December 2020, and after sixteen months the staff of the branch office and the fire brigade, as well as the Sopron Police Headquarters, the National Defense Service, the Office for Constitutional Protection and the National Security Service were able to take over.

The Blaskovich Mansion has been renovated
Despite the challenges of recent years, Hungarian agriculture has become shockproof, said Attila Szinay, State Secretary for Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture, at the grand opening of the Blaskovich Mansion in Tápiószelen on Sunday, according to the ministry.
He added that Hungarian agriculture and the lives of all of us have become more difficult in recent years due to the coronavirus epidemic and now, due to the war in the neighborhood.
It is fair to say that Hungarian agriculture has become shockproof, in addition to the fact that they are constantly working on modernization with the change of technology.
More details:https://www.origo.hu/gazdasag/20220327-atadtak-blaskovich-kuria-felujitott-foepulet.html

Stake: the pool is ready
Gyopáros Alpárwrote: It is great to see and experience that Stakes are constantly evolving as well. The new testimony, which is about to be handed over, will be a popular place that many people will be very happy to visit. Come on, bet!

Lepsény: a new nursery was built
Gábor Vargawrote: This afternoon I was able to take part in the handover of another nursery school in Lepsény. It is always a great pleasure for me to hand over such buildings, as the need for them implies that the settlements that renovate or establish a nursery, kindergarten or even a school trust their settlements, the Hungarian countryside and the future.
This 8-bed nursery makes everyday life easier for 8 families and with it 8 mothers by being able to keep their children in a safe place and in safe hands while they are at work. This is hopefully just the beginning and there are plans for further expansion, because in the future of Lepsény, every child will have another guard post. For the Government of Hungary, all Hungarian children are TREASURE, the welfare and protection of children is our common cause and responsibility and we do not just talk, we do it for it.
Go to Lepsény, go to South Fejér!

Nyíregyháza: the Jókai Mór Primary School has been renewed.
Dr. TĂĽnde SzabĂłshared a video about it: The second oldest school in our city is the JĂłkai MĂłr Reformed Primary School, enriched with a new and modern building unit where our children can learn and develop in a suitable environment.

Lovasberény: new kindergarten
Gergely Gulyáshe wrote, "It is by itself: this is Grace."
After the opening of the Sándor Reményik Reformed Primary School and Kindergarten in Lovasberény, we also handed over the new building of the kindergarten with Bishop Zoltán Balog, my fellow Member Zoltán Tessely and Mayor Mihály Südi.

Road 37 became a four-lane road
The traffic is on a new track on the four-lane 37 main road to Szerencs. The investment to reach the expressway in the Tokaj wine region is progressing according to plan. As a prelude to the development, the Miskolc-Gesztely section of the main road 37 running from Miskolc to Sátoraljaújhely has been extended earlier. In the current project, new lanes will be added to the route of the existing two-lane road. The existing road will form the left track, where the widening of the existing pavement will be carried out. And the right track will be a new road. One of the significance of the project is that the four-lane main road will significantly improve the accessibility of the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region.

Zala county: the waterworks has developed
Higher water flow, cleaner drinking water: the water supply of Zala settlements has improved. The contractors drilled six new wells, replaced a total of about 14 kilometers of raw water pipes, and built a new 100-cubic-meter water tower.
The project, which aims to improve the quality of drinking water and increase the security of water supply in the settlements supplied from the Eastern Water Base of Zalaegerszeg, is already underway. In the event of the temporary inoperability of the Zalaegerszeg Western Water Base, the waterworks must also ensure the nominal capacity of the Western Water Base at 4,500 m3 / day.
Following the development, the water demand of the 4 settlements (Alibánfa, Pethőhenye, Zalaszentlőrinc, Zalaszentiván) supplied by the Zalaszentiván district waterworks will be provided by the Zalaegerszeg Eastern Water Base by building a connecting pipeline.


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