This is their democracy

However, the decision is in our hands! Let's vote for FIDESZ!

This is their democracy

️The left-liberal network works in a coordinated way:
Donald Trump, who is still in office, has been banned
The Parler community site has been blocked
Journalist Tucker Carlson has been banned
Opposition parties and TVs have been banned in Ukraine
They restrict the right in social media
Russian news was banned
People's property is being confiscated
Artists, athletes, journalists are fired
They are funding their campaign with a cocaine business
Domestic left-liberals are banning critics
Hundreds of millions are stolen in “taken back” cities
The free Metropolis was restricted in Budapest
They broke into the Origo editorial office
In 2006, he was shot among the people
They support the Ukrainian regime with weapons and money
Today, several right-wing news portals have been attacked

Let us not let the global background power take over in Hungary!

Let's vote wisely!

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