Hungary is a world class player in the construction of motorways!

Our expressway network has expanded by 65 percent since 2010! (list of other road constructions at the end of the article!)

Hungary is a world class player in the construction of motorways!

Not speech, not election promises, but improvements made!
Óta Since May 2010, 33 expressway sections have been handed over, which means the construction of 600 km of expressway.
👉 1276 km of road section has been rehabilitated or at least
started this year, 480 sections will be renewed out of 220 billion
2500In the Hungarian Village Program, 2,500 km of roads will be renewed from 2018 to 2022 with HUF 230 billion government support nationwide
👉In 2010, we have 9, now we have only 3 cities with county rights that are not connected to the expressway network. Road construction in the direction of Zalaegerszeg, Kaposvár and Békéscsaba is also in full swing
👉 In 2010, 3 of our motorways reached the national border, today this number is 9
👉6000 km of main road have been upgraded since 2010
👉Roads will be built from 3,000 billion in the next period!

György László wrote:
We have set three goals for the development of motorways after 2010:
1️⃣ Our motorways reach the borders of the country and connect Hungary with the neighboring countries. This is of paramount importance not only in economic but also in national political terms: we are repaying centuries of debt by bringing Hungarians living in the motherland and neighboring countries closer together.
2️⃣ All cities with county rights should be accessible by four-lane road by 2025.
3️⃣ Make a four-lane road available from anywhere in the country within 30 minutes by 2025.

Since 2010, we have made great strides in the development of the expressway network:
the length of the motorway network has increased by 65% ​​(724 kilometers) to more than 1,800 kilometers and will continue to exceed 2,000 kilometers with further investment currently under way or in preparation;
As a result, according to Eurostat statistics, between 2009 and 2019, the length of expressway sections in Hungary increased in proportion to the 3rd largest in the EU.

️ The government has spent more than HUF 3,600 billion on these developments over the past 5 years.

But in economic terms, why is it important to be able to travel on a fast and safe road network both within and beyond the country? For several reasons. The denser and faster road network:
1️⃣ It gives a huge boost to local economic and industrial development, boosts tourism and increases the quality of life of locals.
2️⃣ Makes the area more attractive for investment. And the investments create new jobs and lay the foundation for growth in the region.
3️⃣ Helps with employment: if we can get from one city to another quickly, workers can choose from many more job opportunities.
4️⃣ It reduces shipping costs, so products and services can be cheaper, which makes every Hungarian win, as we have to pay less in the store.

The development of the road network has a significant impact not only locally but also at the level of the national economy. Researchers at Columbia University have calculated that doubling the density of the expressway network will increase the rate of economic growth by an average of 1 percentage point per year. McKinsey's calculations show that every HUF 100 spent on infrastructure development will increase GDP by HUF 20 in the long run.

The development of road infrastructure is therefore of paramount importance not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of economics. However, it does not matter what the state finances these developments: left-wing governments made a huge mistake before 2010 when they built the M5 and M6 motorways under extremely unfavorable concession contracts for the state: according to some calculations, Hungary is close to He lost HUF 3,000 billion on these investments, as if he had financed the developments with a loan. And let us also add that this huge amount of money has migrated mainly to foreigners.

That is why it is important that, as in 2010, the four-lane road network in Hungary expands in a financially sustainable way, but at a rapid pace. The new concession model, which is financially advantageous for the state and does not substantially increase public debt, serves this purpose.
Because Hungary must go forward, not backward!

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