What the media keeps quiet - farmers and carriers across Europe are protesting!

Question: Who is actually sanctioned by the Brussels regime?

Someone is now plundering European and American families and businesses, and they are not Russians. The demonstrations have started! If corrupt Western politicians think they can do anything, they are wrong. No country, no people have voted to cut off Russian oil and Russian natural gas! If these thieves do not stop, there will be a "Spring Day for Europe", but then these governments and these bureaucrats in Brussels will go, not just out of place, but even behind bars.

️If fuel and natural gas become more expensive, EVERYTHING becomes more expensive: fertilizer becomes more expensive, it means that food becomes more expensive, freight costs become more expensive, so every product that has to be transported becomes more expensive. As a result, inflation will continue to rise, which wages will NOT normally follow, so the average person across Europe and the United States will become impoverished.

As we can see, Orban is not responsible for this! Orbán will do everything a prime minister can do in such a situation: he opposes sanctions, has introduced a fuel price stop, banned the export of grain, and maintains the overhead reduction. Thank You!

️End the artificial energy crisis and the resulting generation of price increases and inflation.

Suicide from the EU!
They don't push it out with the Russians, they already have a solution!
Péter Szijjártó: WE WILL NOT SUPPORT IT!
Hungary WILL NOT SUPPORT the aspirations of corrupt European politicians! They obviously have an interest in going up, but we don’t
Russian Energy Minister: If Europe continues like this, $ 300 will be a barrel of oil
️This video reveals who is responsible for the current energy crisis

️The EU's annual gas consumption is 500 billion cubic meters.
️From 40 percent of this is provided by Russia.
EUThe EU's annual oil demand is 500 million tonnes.
️This percent is provided by Russia.
64 64% of the crude oil used in Hungary is Russian
️ 85% of the natural gas used in Hungary is Russian

Ulm, Germany
Brescia, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Valencia, Italy
Hamburg, Germany

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