Putin to the West: THE REALITY OF THE LIE is helpless against the truth!

Russia cannot be "banned", what the Western world is doing today is like anti-Semitism

Our civil society stands up for the innocently persecuted Russian people! In the name of freedom of expression, we will continue to address this issue, because we cannot assist with Western disinformation and one-sided information in favor of banning the Russian press, vegging innocent people. It is not possible to accuse someone of all wrongdoing and then stick his mouth down so that he cannot defend himself. No matter how the Libyans scream, we will stand up for the truth and fight discrimination. You can write any number of articles on 444, Transparent, other fake news factories, they can lie on any of the Momentum reasons - I don't care!https://bit.ly/3wcNh3E

The excerpt now shared is part of a 20-minute video, and the full written translation is included at the end of the description.

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Russian Energy Minister: If Europe continues like this, $ 300 will be a barrel of oil. This video reveals who is responsible for the current energy crisis
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55% of the crude oil used in Hungary and 80% of the natural gas comes from Russia. If there is Russian gas, there is cheap overhead, if there is no Russian gas, there is no cheap overhead - it's that simple!
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Full translation:

We are meeting at a difficult time when our armed forces are carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine and Donbass. Let me remind you that at the very beginning, in the early morning of 24 February, I publicly and openly mentioned the reasons and main purpose of Russia's action. This is to help the people of Donbass who, for almost eight years, have been subjected to real genocide in the most barbaric way - blockades, large-scale punitive actions, acts of terrorism and constant artillery attacks. And why? Just because they wanted to exercise their basic human rights - they wanted to live by the laws and traditions of their ancestors, they wanted to speak their mother tongue, they wanted to raise their children at their own discretion.

At the same time, the Kiev authorities not only ignored and sabotaged the implementation of the Minsk package for a peaceful settlement of the crisis over the years, but even publicly refused to implement it at the end of last year.

The practical implementation of NATO accession plans has also begun. Moreover, the Kiev authorities have already stated that they now want to create their own nuclear weapons and launchers. It was a real threat to us. In the foreseeable future, the Nazi regime could have acquired weapons of mass destruction with foreign technical assistance, and of course Russia would be the target.

In Ukraine, a network of dozens of laboratories operated under the direction and financial support of the Pentagon to conduct military biological programs, including experiments with samples of coronavirus, anthrax, cholera, African swine fever, and other deadly diseases. Traces of these secret programs are now being eradicated. We have every reason to believe that biological weapons components were actually created in the immediate vicinity of Russia, on the territory of Ukraine.

Patrons of Ukraine, the United States and NATO have rejected our repeated warnings with ostentatious and cynical contempt that this circumstance poses a direct threat to Russia’s security.

With that, all diplomatic opportunities were completely exhausted. We simply had no choice but to resolve peacefully the problems that were not our fault. And that’s why we were simply forced to launch a special military operation.

The appearance of Russian troops near Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine is not an intention to occupy the country. We do not have such a goal, as I said clearly in my speech on 24 February.

As for the tactics of our military operation developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and our staff, it has proved its worth. And our crews - our soldiers and officers - show courage and heroism, doing everything they can to avoid losses among the civilian population of Ukrainian cities.

I would like to say this for the first time: at the very beginning of Operation Donbass, we asked the Kiev authorities, through various channels, to avoid pointless bloodshed, to end operations, simply to withdraw their troops from Donbas. They didn't. Well, that's their decision. Inevitably, the moment will come when everyone will know what is going on there.

The operation is progressing well, strictly according to pre-approved plans.
I note that, at the urging of Ukraine, the United States and many Western countries, it was purposefully prepared for the scenario of violence, bloody massacres and ethnic cleansing in Donbass. The massive attack on Donbas and then on Crimea was only a matter of time. And our armed forces thwarted these plans.

In Kiev, they not only prepared for war, aggression against Russia and Donbas, but also continued it. Sabotage and attempts to organize dormant terrorist cells have continued in Crimea. In recent years, military operations in Donbass have continued, and peaceful settlements have been fired on continuously. During that time, nearly 14,000 civilians died, including children.

On March 14, as you know, a rocket attack was carried out in the center of Donetsk. It was a bloody terrorist attack that claimed the lives of more than 20 people. Such attacks continue now. They shoot the squares indiscriminately, with fanaticism and rage like the Nazis, who in the last days of the Third Reich tried to bring as many innocent victims as possible to the grave.

But what is perhaps the greatest cynicism in all this - beyond Kyiv’s shameless lies that Russia fired a rocket at Donetsk - is that the so-called civilized Western world, the European and American press did not even notice the Donetsk tragedy as if nothing had happened. would be.

In the same hypocritical way, they have turned their eyes away for the past eight years, when mothers buried their children in Donbass, when old people were killed. It is a moral degradation, a complete dehumanization.

We could no longer tolerate the genocide in Donbass. In order to end the genocide, Russia recognized the Donbass People’s Republics and concluded friendly and mutual assistance agreements with them. Based on these agreements, the republics turned to Hungary for military assistance to curb the aggression. And we gave them that help - we just didn’t know we didn’t have the right to do otherwise.

I would like to emphasize, and I ask you to pay attention to me: If our troops had provided support and helped to liberate their land only in the territory of the People's Republics, it would not have brought about a final solution, led to peace and eliminated the threat, not even for Russia. On the contrary, a new line of battle would have stretched around the Donbas and along its borders, and attacks and provocations would have continued. In other words, the armed conflict would drag on endlessly, fueled by the revolutionist hysteria of the Kiev regime, and the deployment of NATO military infrastructure in Ukraine would be even faster and more aggressive: we would face NATO offensive weapons at our borders.

I repeat - we had no other option for self-defense, to maintain Russia's security, but to carry out a special military operation. Of course, we will achieve all the goals we have set ourselves, we will create security for Russia and our people, and we will never allow Ukraine to serve as a springboard for aggressive action against our country.

The issues that are fundamental to our future and to Russia - the neutral status, demilitarization and denacification of Ukraine - have been and are ready to be discussed through negotiations. Our country has done everything possible to organize and conduct the negotiations, we were aware that every opportunity must be taken to save people and their lives.

Time and time again, we see that the Kiev regime, whose Western lords have set themselves the task of creating an aggressive anti-Russian territory, is indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian people. The fact that hundreds of thousands, millions of people have died, that there is a real humanitarian catastrophe in the cities detained by neo-Nazis and armed criminals who have been released from prisons means nothing to them.

It is also obvious to us that Western patrons are simply forcing the Kiev regime to continue the bloodshed. They are provided with new weapons packages, intelligence and other assistance, including the deployment of military advisers and mercenaries.

As a weapon, economic, financial, trade and other sanctions have been chosen against Russia, which, incidentally, are now hitting Europeans and Americans themselves through rising petrol, energy, rising food prices and job losses in the Russian market. And we don't have to blame our country for everything here.

I would like ordinary citizens of Western countries to hear it too: they are now persistently trying to convince you that all their problems are the result of Russia's hostile actions, that they have to pay for the fight against the so-called Russian threat from their own wallets. This is a lie.

And the truth is that the current problems facing millions of people in the West are the result of many years of work, mistakes, short-sightedness, and ambition by the ruling elite of their states. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They act for their own interests and their superprofits.

Evidence of this is the data of international organizations, which bluntly say that social problems in the leading Western countries have only worsened in recent years, that inequality is growing, the gap between rich and poor, racial and national conflicts are felt. The myth of the so-called golden billion in Western welfare society is collapsing.

I repeat, today our entire planet is paying the price for its attempt to preserve the ambition of the West, its declining dominance by any means.

It is a logical continuation of the imposition of sanctions, a concentrated expression of the irresponsible, short-sighted policies of US and EU governments and central banks. They were the ones who, in recent years, have driven up inflation with their own hands, with their actions leading to an increase in global poverty and inequality, a new influx of refugees around the world. And the question arises: who is responsible for the millions of hunger deaths now due to growing food shortages in the world’s poorest countries?

This dealt a severe blow to the entire global economy and trade, confidence and the US dollar as the main reserve currency.

Illegal steps to freeze part of Russia's central bank's foreign exchange reserves are undermining confidence in these assets. In fact, both the US and the EU have announced that they are not fulfilling their obligations to Russia. Today, everyone knows that financial reserves can easily be stolen. And seeing this, many countries could start - in the near future - I am sure this will happen - turn their digital and paper savings into real reserves in the form of goods, land, food, gold and other real assets, which will only increase the deficit in these markets.

I would add that seizing the accounts of foreign assets, Russian companies and individuals is a lesson for national business that nothing is safer than investing in our own country. I have spoken about this in person on several occasions.

We appreciate those foreign companies that continue to work in Hungary despite the shameless pressure from the United States and its vassals. They will certainly have further opportunities for development in the future.

We also know those who have cowardly betrayed their partners, forgotten their responsibility to their employees and customers in Russia, and are seeking illusory laurels by participating in the anti-Russian campaign. However, unlike Western countries, we will respect property rights.

(Hence the video share)
What would I like to highlight in particular? We need to make it clear that no matter how events unfolded, a new package of sanctions and restrictions would have been introduced against us. I would like to emphasize this. For the West, our operation in Ukraine was just an excuse to impose new sanctions. Yes, of course, these steps are now focused. But on the same occasion, the Westerners had the Crimean referendum, which took place exactly 16 years ago, on 16 March 2014, in which the people of Crimea and Sevastopol were free to choose - they wanted to be with their historic homeland.

I repeat: they are just looking for another excuse. But restraint, weakening Russia, including economic isolation, blockade, their conscious long-term strategy. Nor do the leaders of the West themselves hide the fact that the sanctions are not directed against individuals or companies, they are a blow to our entire economy, our social and human spheres, all our families, all Russian citizens.

In fact, such actions against millions of people, aimed at deteriorating living conditions, are all signs of aggression, of war, using economic, political and information tools. It has a total, undisguised nature, and I repeat, so-called Western politics is no longer ashamed to talk about it openly.

All the duma about political correctness, the inviolability of private property, freedom of speech - it all flew overnight. Even the Olympic principles are trampled underfoot, they have not hesitated to settle with the Paralympics - this is the “non-political sport”.

In many Western countries, people are subject to real persecution only because they come from Russia: they deny medical care, they exclude children from schools, they deprive their parents of their jobs, they ban Russian music, culture and literature. They are trying to wipe out Russia, the West has torn away all the masks of decency, it is disgusting, it has shown its true nature. This is already a direct analogy with the anti-Semitic pogroms staged by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and then by their minions in many European countries who joined Hitler’s aggression against Hungary during the Great Patriotic War.

They also launched a massive attack on Russia in cyberspace. An unprecedented campaign was launched affecting global social networks and all Western media, whose objectivity and independence proved to be just a myth. They restrict access to information, they fill people with a lot of fake news and propaganda. The thing has gotten to the point where one U.S. social networking site has allowed the publication of posts calling for the killing of Russian citizens.

We know what resources the REALTY OF LIES has, but they are still powerless in the face of truth and justice. Russia will consistently draw the attention of the whole world to its position. And our position is honest and open, and more and more people are hearing, understanding and sharing it.

I want to be very honest: behind the hypocritical speech of the so-called collective West and its actions today are hostile geopolitical goals. They do not need, they simply do not need a strong and sovereign Russia, they do not forgive us for our independent foreign policy or for protecting our national interests.

We remember how they supported separatism, terrorism, encouraged terrorists and bandits in the North Caucasus. Just as in the 1990s - in the early 2000s - they want to repeat the attempt to put pressure on us, to corner us, as they say, to make us weak, to make us dependent, to eradicate our territorial integrity, to divide Russia for them. in the best way. It didn't work then, and it won't now.
(Share of video shared so far)

Yes, of course they will try to ally with the so-called fifth pillar, the traitors, those who earn their money here, but live there, and not “live there” in the geographical sense of the word, but in their own spirituality, in their slave consciousness.

I do not condemn at all those who have a fork in Miami or the French Riviera who cannot do without goose liver, oysters or so-called sexual freedoms. The problem is not with this at all, but, I repeat, with the fact that many of these people, by their very nature, live there in spirit, and not here, not with our people, not with Russia. They think - this is their opinion - so they will belong to a higher caste, a higher species. Such people are also willing to sell their own mother if they can only sit in the hallway of this highest caste. They want to be like them, imitating them in every way possible. But they forget, or do not understand at all, that even if this so-called higher caste needs them, it is only as a consumable to do as much damage as possible to our people.

The collective West is trying to divide our society, speculating on military losses, the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, inciting civil confrontation in Russia, and using its fifth pillar (the traitors) to achieve its goal. And there is only one goal, I have already talked about, is to destroy Russia.

But any people, especially the Russian people, will always be able to distinguish real patriots from scum and traitors and simply spit them out like a muslica that accidentally flies into our mouths. I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, our cohesion and our readiness to respond to any challenge.

The so-called collective West and its fifth pillar are accustomed to comparing everything and everyone to themselves. They think everything is for sale and everything is for sale, so they think we’re going to smash, we’re retiring. But they do not know our history and our people well.

Yes, many countries in the world have long put up with living humbly and humbly accepting all the decisions of the lord of the world, humbly looking him in the eye. Many countries live this way. Unfortunately, also in Europe.

But Russia will never be in such a miserable and humiliated state, the struggle we are fighting for our sovereignty, the future of our country and our children. We will fight for our rights, to be and remain Russia. An example to us is the courage and perseverance of our soldiers and officers, the faithful defenders of the homeland.


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