Ferenc Gyurcsány is the little dog of Putin

The liar Gyurcsány would sell his homeland and our souls again!

Ferenc Gyurcsány is the little dog of  Putin

Máté Kocsis restored a rebel named Bence Tordai, who again accused Viktor Orbán of what his owner, Ferenc Gyurcsány, had done.
Let's look at what happened in Feri's chronology:

MárciusMarch 2006: Lunch at Putin's Gyurcsany House, face-to-face meeting
MájusMay 2006: György Szilvássy will become a secret minister
SzeptemberSeptember 2006: Gyurcsany holds private meeting with President Putin in Rostov
JanuárNew 2007: People of the Russian secret service are allowed into the NBH to carry out internal reconnaissance based on political opinion, ie to screen out Fidesz-friendly workers. The head of the secret service was Lajos Galambos.
MárciusMarch 2007: Gyurcsany spends a day in Putin's villa
JúniusJune 2007: MOL replay begins
September: Lajos Galambos is sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating state secrets

If the left came to power again, would they betray the country in discussions behind closed doors again? Would those who think differently be victims of political persecution again? In my experience, yes!


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