They've sold everything once!

If we leave, they will plunder the country and the people again!

They've sold everything once!

No more exams!
The sale of state-owned companies has caused invaluable damage to Hungary of thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of billions!

Their goal is not to increase national wealth, not to improve the quality of life of Hungarians, but to serve their foreign farmers and customers unconditionally. Márki-Zay is no different, she learned the "craft" during her 5 years of training abroad, and if this puppet without faction and support comes to power, Gy.F. and his wife shall come to power again. In addition to price increases, tax increases, lawlessness, deductions, the nation's wealth is being hammered again! What can we expect from a Canadian citizen ?! He sells everything, plunders everyone, and then flees to those he has sworn to.

Viktor Orbán and his government are buying back what the left has wasted !! And Bence Rétvári reminded the left in the Parliament about everything they sold when they were in government, for buttons! Video:

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