Dobrev lies like a stream of water!

“We lied in the morning, night and night,” nothing changed

Dobrev lies like a stream of water!

Now the number of children born cannot be interpreted by the resident of the stolen villa on Szemlőhegy Street.

Reality: We are on the right track!
The CSO has published fresh data!
Lie: Dobrev does not understand that there are fewer women of childbearing age, the desire to have children has increased even with a lower birth rate! And women of childbearing age were born before 1998! Their lower number is Horn's fault, not Fidesz's!

Szalai Piroska wrote:
Klára Dobrev's post on Thursday afternoon is, in my opinion, a deliberate misrepresentation!
Between 2010 and 2020, the number of women aged 20-40, ie the most active parents, in Hungary decreased by 17%, by 257 thousand people! Nevertheless, fewer women had 2,665 more children in 2021 than in 2010. s 4951 more than in 2011!
Our fertility rate was 1.25 in 2010 and improved to 1.59 by 2021. This is the biggest improvement in the whole of the European Union, and we have finally reached pre-Bokros levels. (You will read about the development of fertility in the Democrat next Wednesday!)
It is important to know that 2005 was the 29th year of the largest “grade”, born in 1976, in which we find nearly 90,000 women. In 2020, the number of women of the same age was less than 60,000. Today, the average age of mothers is 29-30 years. If the Medgyessy-Gyurcsány-Bajnai governments wanted to do so so that the desired children could be born in Hungary, their most effective measures could have been between 2005 and 2007. But at this very time, nothing happened to support the families. In fact, parenting has become a real financial disadvantage since 2008. (Here's a previous Democratic article on this:
Watch the numbers, the numbers don't lie!
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