Feri was very scared, he knew he "elxurta"!

Do you still have it?

Feri was very scared, he knew he "elxurta"!

2008.03.03 - "Gyurcsány's 100 Million Audience Has Arrived"
New vehicles of the Republican Guard Regiment arrived in Hungary. Armored vehicles ordered to transport high-ranking people were manufactured by Audi.

The minimum wage in 2008 was HUF 56,190 net.
Gyurcsány's car cost a minimum wage of 1,780. This means HUF 236,740,000 at today's price (calculated with a net minimum wage of 133,000)

In contrast, Viktor Orbán runs a 20 million series-produced minibus. He doesn't need armored vehicles! It also shows how surreal it is that the deception that "Orbán went among the ovis in a bulletproof vest" has appeared! Orbán, who has been a prime minister for 12 years, who goes anywhere with people in a field, unarmoured minibus, wears a bulletproof vest right for the ovis ....

Everything is tried by the libsik, "all in," as they say.


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