The "Three Blows" Act Works!

Hungary is the safest country in the EU today!

The "Three Blows" Act Works!

The "Three Blows" Act Works!
Hungary is the safest country in the EU today!

👉We did not say: Eurostat!

And how the NGOs attacked! Do we still remember?
HCLU: "Radically contrary to the European approach"
"The undisclosed aim of the proposed tightening is to keep as many people in prison as possible for deterrence and to release as few people as possible on parole. Such a system will not lead to a reduction in crime, but to a roughening of prison life, another crime. "
Helsinki: "The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has already indicated in connection with the bill aimed at introducing the" three strikes "in Hungary: in its opinion, the planned provisions are unconstitutional, because making life imprisonment mandatory excludes individual punishment, restricts judges' discretion and disproportionate sanctions. may result in the imposition of

NO! It is precisely for the purpose of DO NOT FOLLOW the crime! As we can see, effectively! Hungary is even safer than the surrounding anti-immigration countries, because we have not only stopped migration, but also reduced the number of domestic crimes!

👉A little more about the numbers: in Hungary there are 6 such cases per 100 thousand inhabitants per year, ie we can talk about roughly 600 cases per year nationwide. Let's look at the other countries!
Spain: 140
Population: 47.35 million, number of robberies 66,220
England: 132
Population: 55.98 million, number of robberies 73,893
Sweden: 88
Population: 10.35 million, number of robberies 9,108
Germany: 43
Population: 83.24 million, number of robberies 35,793
France: 42
Population: 67.39 million, number of robberies 28,303
Italy: 42
Population: 59.55 million, number of robberies 25,011

And now think about how much it costs taxpayers to register these cases, to investigate, to administer the damage itself, to keep the captured criminals in prisons, and so on.

Isn't it easier to vote smart? Isn't it better to prevent this with laws? Is it not more sensible to build a homogeneous society instead of a multicultural one? Do they not realize that there is a link between unemployment and crime?

Anyway, not only will the number of robberies decrease, the number of all crimes will decrease!
Car thefts (EU)
Car thefts at home:
All crimes:


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