Debrecen International Airport is facing huge development

A result was announced in the design tender for the development of Debrecen Airport

Debrecen International Airport is facing huge development

And what is really important in this story: The majority property will go to the Hungarian state, and we hope that a decision will be made that the national property can only be sold or otherwise utilized by a two-thirds majority. It can no longer happen that a litter coalition comes and sells what others have built!

Debrecen - The construction of a new terminal and roads, the construction of a modern instrument delivery system and lighting technology are also planned.

A proposal to this effect has now been posted on the city’s website, which shows that if the state receives a 51 per cent stake free of charge, significant improvements could be made to the airport. The involvement of the state is necessary for this reason, because according to the city management, these developments could no longer be carried out from municipal or co-owner resources, and the role of the state can be expected if the Hungarian state is the majority owner of the company operating the airport. Importantly, this is all about the operating company, the airport property would remain the property of the municipality.

If the general meeting votes in favor of the transaction, the state will have a 51 percent stake in the company operating the airport, 23.98 percent of AIRPORT DEBRECENI HOLDING Vagyonkezelő Zrt. .

“Our goal is to make Debrecen International Airport the central and busiest airport in the region for a long time. By region we mean Eastern and Northern Hungary and the related cross-border areas. By the 1930s, we want to reach 2-3 million passenger traffic a year. To this end, it was necessary to develop a development strategy, which was completed and handed over to ITM in 2021. The government considers Debrecen International Airport to be a strategic element, therefore it supported its development in the Modern Cities Program with HUF 1.2 billion, which provided small lighting for aircraft parking, the completion of the 7-kilometer-long SRA fence surrounding the entire airport area, with the necessary inspection road. , as well as local track improvements. In addition, on the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in accordance with the EU state aid rules, in order to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, it provided EUR 800,000 in subsidies to airlines launching scheduled flights from Debrecen International Airport, ”László Papp wrote.

The mayor adds that the government has received approval from the European Union to disburse security improvements awarded by a previous government decision for which a letter of support is being prepared. From this HUF 2.4 billion development, the design and construction of the new fire station, the purchase of two special airport fire engines, the design of the new runway and the purchase of passenger safety equipment will be implemented.

One of the medium-term development goals is to implement a development worth several tens of billions of forints at Debrecen International Airport.

Among other things:
- renew the runway,
- establish parallel taxiways as well as other taxiways,
- a new passenger terminal and a new forecourt would be established,
- an instrument delivery system (CAT III / B) and lighting technology (ILS III) are planned,
- a new service road network would be built,
- a snow fleet base and ground service equipment storage and a fuel storage facility would be completed, and
- offices would be set up in the existing building and additional car parks would be set up to carry out the official function.

The mayor also writes that a significant element of development is a new passenger terminal that is able to serve the traveling public in accordance with today's requirements while providing the highest level of passenger comfort available. As we have written, a design competition has already been carried out for the development, which BORD Architect Studio has won. László Papp states in the submission that after the provision of the necessary resources and the approval of the European Commission, the implementation of the development can start.

The general meeting of Debrecen will decide on the proposal at its meeting on Thursday.


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