The country has been building for 12 years! Let it stay this way!

Viktor Orbán and his government are not talking, they are acting!

The country has been building for 12 years!  Let it stay this way!

What are they doing for people? Here are some steps!
Now let's look at today's dose development!

Dunavarsány: a new nursery is being built
Zoltán Bónawrote: In the spring, the crèche of the Dunavarsány Fairy Land will be completed. And from September, 48 young children can take possession and start their daily lives here.
We can also help parents with small children in the Danube region to find a balance between work and family, while their children develop in safety, in the hands of understanding, in the community.
Come on, Dunavarsány!

Székesfehérvár: new buses have arrived
Csaba Dömötörwrote: Campaign Log
MADE IN HUNGARY: more than 500 new long-distance buses will arrive in 2022. The vehicles in the picture were handed over in Székesfehérvár today, only 26 of them are in service in Fejér county until the middle of summer.
Mercedes buses are manufactured at home in Győr and Debrecen. 700 people are involved in production and 150 in engineering work. The developments, together with the suppliers, employ 6,000 Hungarians.
The new buses with 45 seats are also equipped with air conditioning, a camera, a passenger counter and an electronic passenger transport system.
Have a good trip with them!

Charter: a new social center was built
Sándor Fontwrote: Harta also goes forward, not backward!
Today's visit was a complete program, which is due to the fact that significant improvements have been made in educational institutions, social care, and the fire brigade.
Today, I was pleased to accept the invitation of Mayor László Dollenstein, Henrik Fröhlich, President of the German Nationality of Harta, and András Vejtei, Commander of the Harta Volunteer Fire Brigade Association.
Harta is in a special situation, the only one in the area of ​​my district where the kindergarten, mini-nursery, primary school and music school have been maintained by the German Nationality Council for 6 years now. As a good owner, they take care of all the institutions in the same way, and they have made very serious investments with significant government support (more than HUF 110 million), but both the local government and the national self-government have added to the developments.
The day care facility of the social institution was built on the site of an old, dilapidated demolished house, and an institutional maintenance accommodation was also set up. With a government subsidy of nearly 180 million forints and a self-sufficiency of 20 million forints, a complex of buildings serving the people of the XXI. meets all the expectations of the 21st century.
The fire brigade was able to procure a high-speed road vehicle with the necessary equipment, a vehicle for flood and inland water protection, and other professional equipment for the performance of its tasks, winning a total of HUF 25 million.
At the end of the morning, we commemorated those deported and displaced from their homes on the day of the deportation of the Germans in Hungary. We placed a wreath at the Harta monument in their honor.

Detk: A new sewage treatment plant has been built
Horváth Laciwrote: Modern technology, cleaner environment, higher quality of life!
The new wastewater treatment plant in Detk, Ludas and Nagyút, built from the tender source, is already operational. In connection with the investment handed over today, the development of a sewerage network protecting soil and aquifers has also been implemented.
We will continue to work with Mayor Tamás Stefanovszki to develop Detk!

Aldebrő: the new nursery is already under construction
Horváth Laciwrote: Great investment for the little ones!
Aldebrő will prosper with its nursery, where the local and the small villages of Lake Village will be able to grow. There is already a lot of interest in the new institution, it will be a great help for parents.
In the settlements of our region, nurseries are being built in a row, kindergartens and schools are being renewed! We continue to work for the development of our villages, for the families and for the children, as they are the key to Hungary's future!
Go Hungary! Come on, Aldebrő!

Free accommodation: a new nursery has been built
László Salaczwrote: A place where everything is for children!
The recently opened Free Gingerbread Nursery is already very much waiting for the children and their parents who come here.
All the necessary conditions were in place for the children to develop in the crèche and for their parents to be able to do their work in peace during this time.
I am glad that in partnership with the Government of Hungary we managed to provide the resources for the construction of the institution.
For us, family comes first!

Sátoraljaújhely: a new suspension bridge is being built.
Preparatory work has started in Sátoraljaújhely for the world record pedestrian bridge project. A 700-meter-long bridge connecting the Castle Hill and the Szárhegy at an altitude of 80 meters will be built in the small town of north-eastern Hungary. The planned budget of the project is HUF 4 billion, the expected handover in 2023.
Construction of the National Cohesion Bridge began with landscaping, and investors promise to take possession in 2023. The 700-meter-long building connects the two points of the city, the Castle Hill and the Szárhegy, at an altitude of 80 meters. The bridge with a glass floor in the middle part will be built from the HUF 4 billion within the framework of the Tokaj-Zemplén Development Program. The new footbridge will later be part of the Zemplén Adventure Park, a fully municipal project that the city has undertaken to maintain.

The Pauline Church in Pécs was renovated
The center of Pécs, the only Hungarian-founded order of monks, was renewed
As part of the Happy Özséb Program, buildings managed by Paulines across the country have been renovated.
Within the framework of the Happy Özséb Program, the Pálos Church and Monastery in Pécs was renovated in the amount of HUF 544 million. The Pauline order - the only Hungarian monastic order founded in Hungary and still operating today - commemorated the 750th anniversary of the death of the happy Özséb Esztergom, who organized the order in 2020 - was revealed in MTI's announcement on Saturday.
Within the framework of the Happy Özséb Program, which was developed for the anniversary and received state support, the buildings managed by the Paulines throughout the country, such as churches and monasteries, were renovated. In addition, a number of cultural program elements deepening the social embeddedness of the Pauline order took place.
Among the developments of the program in Pécs, the exterior and interior renovation of the Pauline Church and the monastery building took place, a new lecture hall, a sacrament of worship, a new children's playroom and a new community hall were established.

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