Márki-Zay is the new camouflage video maker!

Even Corros could envy this orbital lie!

Márki-Zay is the new camouflage video maker!

According to Márki-Zay, many were evicted during the epidemic due to late loan repayment, and he made a camouflage video about it, which he uploaded to his site. Does this man want to be prime minister here? Even James can do more than that, let's face it, no big compliment.

Anyone who has not yet been banned by this Canadian citizen should write his or her thoughts in a comment. You've already been blocked because we've ASKED once.

Meanwhile, the reality is that the credit moratorium will be in place from March 19, 2020. No one was evicted!
The credit moratorium has been extended several times, with current rules allowing those in need until June 30, 2022. Those who have lost their jobs have been slowly protected by the institution of the credit moratorium for 2 years. And not just them, but everyone! Retirees, those expecting or raising children, public employees and individuals whose income has decreased compared to the previous year, and those whose turnover has fallen by at least 25 percent compared to the previous year, can apply for an extension.
https://kormany.hu/hirek/h grantoratorium-meghosszabbitva

Nacsa Lőrinc: Péter Márki-Zay deservedly received the Camouflage Award for his previous production! The decision was well-founded and forward-looking. Thank You!https://bit.ly/3Ks2UsS


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