Annual inflation was 5.1%

This is also described in the left-liberal false news propaganda. But what do they NOT say?

Annual inflation was 5.1%

The FOS ("independent objective" press) is so objective and so independent that they only grab a single piece of data at a time and have been dealing with it for weeks. Now inflation was on the agenda, the December data was spread honestly, Viktor Orbán was blamed for everything, but when the annual data came out, they were somehow quieter, we don't understand why!

Well, annual inflation was 5.1%. A lot or a little - we will find out this when the EU comparison appears on the Eurostat website, now let's deal with the Hungarian reality a bit. What is NOT mentioned when it comes to inflation? What can offset inflation? How can a government help in such cases? What has Viktor Orbán and his government done to keep the already high inflation around the world from hurting us? Let's see! (And let's not just look!)

Law enforcement salaries increase by 10% (6-month gun money)
Wages at Volánbus and MÁV increased by 10%
Youth wages increase by 15% (tax exemption)
We pay the cheapest utility bills in Europe
Families get their tax back
Wages for nursery workers increased by 20%
Wages for cultural workers increased by 20%
Retirement income increased by 17.1%
Wages for social workers increased by 20%
The tax burden on wages decreased by 4%
Wages of public workers increased by 17.6%
Poverty has fallen by a third
Wages for postal workers increased by 9%
Teachers' salaries increased by 10%
Nurses' salaries increased by 21%
The minimum wage increased by 20%
The average wage increased by 6.3%

Inflation was there anyway before 2010, “not a little, a lot!” But instead of helping the left-liberal government, the situation worsened: taxes were raised, overheads became more expensive, 13th month pensions and 13th month wages were taken away, VAT was raised, institutions were closed and unemployment increased to 12%. To be clear, these people had NO income.

Viktor Orbán's government pounded tax cuts!
Not what we say: Eurostat says. Not "stealing", but HELPING YOU!
Attention! Facts follow!
That's why we support Fidesz!
Do you think there are Western European prices in Hungary?
There are few countries cheaper than us!
Let's see clearly in the case of VAT!
Where VAT is lower, PIT is higher!
Consumption increased above inflation in 2021. According to them, we have money! That's the point, the rest is just duma
The income of an average family now and in 2009
The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!
How much is the Euro? Many? Really?
In the great dictatorship, the Orbán regime, we are earning more even in the “expensive euro” than in the “democracy” of Gyurcsányi Szem-lő-hegy
"Everything is bad," shouts the power-hungry foreign-serving left!
The figures show that Hungary has been developing for 12 years and that prosperity is growing at the same time
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If there is work, everything is there! 1 million jobs, reduced poverty by a third!
Instead of left-wing election lies, here are some of Fidesz's achievements in reducing poverty
Hungary: 0%!
Inflation is everywhere now, but we are not threatened by an increase in overheads! (As long as Fidesz is in government)
Who did more for the young people?
Let's look at some examples! We are not expressing an opinion, we are talking about the specifics!



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