The rose of Kabul lives in parallel reality!

He speaks of "unprecedented unemployment data."

The rose of Kabul lives in parallel reality!

Never seen it? Well, if we look at the fact that we have never seen low unemployment, then yes. Meanwhile, the reality is:
👉 Unemployment rate 2010
Hungary: 11.3%, EU average: 9.6%
👉 Unemployment rate now
Hungary: 3.8%, EU average: 7.2%

We have 1 million new jobs and half the EU average.
What are you talking about, Timikem? Don't look down on your own followers so much! Why are you lying in people's eyes? What level of "never seen" are you talking about? We saw it, and many hundreds of thousands saw it, you know when? Before 2010, when our unemployment rate was above 11%.

Unemployment will never be 0%, because some people simply do not want to work, their family background allows it, or they would not allow it, but they still do not want to work, study or develop. Orbán does not oblige anyone to work, but it creates an opportunity for those who want to work to work. That's it.

Data (not shouts, DATA in EUROSTAT)
👉In the time of left-wing government

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