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Where are you, sham producers?  :)

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XVI. district: the Szent-Györgyi primary school has been renovated
The biggest educational development of the Rákosszentmihályi part of the city turned to the finish line
With the work of the Faculty of Architecture, the XVI. district Szent-Györgyi Primary School will not only be renovated, but will also be more spacious due to the modernization of the complex building complex.
It entered its final stage in the 16th century. Renovation and expansion of Szent-Györgyi Primary School in the district of Budapest: the modernization of the school building has already turned to the finish line - the contractor Épkar Zrt.
According to the plans, in the spring of 2022, the building complex at 142 Csömöri út will be renovated from the cellar to the attic, by which time the property housing the lower section of Szent-Györgyi will not only be modern, but also more spacious.
Work began in January 2021 and will include the complex modernization of four buildings on the site.
During the renovation, the specialists faithfully reconstructed the oldest building of the institution, 138 years old, where an internal renovation is taking place, and completely completely demolished the ground floor of the main building, which was replaced by a new one-storey part.
Instead of the current gym, a new 464-square-meter modern gym and associated changing rooms will be created, and a separate hall will be located in the main building. The importance of this was explained, among other things, by the fact that only this school in the district no longer had a gym of the right size and equipment.
For easier access, the kitchen and dining room have been moved from the annex to the main building, eliminating the need for students to walk through the courtyard to the annex in the future. In addition, the works will affect the library, which will be rebuilt, and the school will renovate 17 school classrooms, including two group rooms.
They will also renovate building services and energy systems
The task of the contractors includes the replacement of the coverings, the modernization of the building engineering and building electrical systems, the replacement of the external and internal doors and windows, as well as the renovation of the flat roof. The gas pipeline will be replaced in the caretaker's apartment, while the annex to the former dining room will be converted into a warehouse, where the gas pipelines will also be replaced and the façade repaired.
The building will use renewable energy in the name of environmental awareness.
By the time of the renovation, the upper grades had moved to the nearby Centennial Primary School, and the lower grades would continue their studies in today’s upper building.

Seven: A new kindergarten was built
Attila József Móringwrote: Seven received nearly HUF 200 million in support from three different sources. From this, two streets were renovated and a wonderful kindergarten was built.
It was a long and hard job, as the intention to renovate the kindergarten was already articulated in 2017. Back then, a brand new building was just a distant dream, but for seven they dared to dream big!
On the new roads (which we are moving forward on) I wish accident-free traffic, I wish a lot of cheerful children's smiles in Ovi!
(The handover wasn't because of the upcoming election right now, we could only get together now because of the virus.)

St. Margaret's Hospital is being renovated
On December 21, Épkár wrote: Budapest, Szent Margit Hospital
Today we took over the workspace
We are starting the energy modernization of the hospital

University of Physical Education: new campus
The largest campus development in the capital has arrived in another chapter
The block of Alkotás út on the new campus of the University of Physical Education will be built with the construction of ZÁÉV.
BMSK Investment, Technical Development, Sports Management and Public Procurement Ltd. published the results of the public procurement procedure for the second phase of the campus development of the University of Physical Education in the EU public procurement bulletin.
The work worth HUF 69.7 billion can be performed by ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt.
They will be developed during the construction of the new campus of the university in Alkotás út
an athletics hall with a swimming pool and a sports hotel,
a gymnasium
ball game halls,
shooting range and fencing room,
a dormitory student hotel
as well as a historic garden
It is planned that the athletics hall will have a 400-seat grandstand, a VIP room, a seminar room and service areas for athletics (changing rooms, water blocks). The hall will be covered with a span of more than 50 meters, under which a sports field and a grandstand will be placed.
The planned swimming pool will be designed with a 50-meter competition pool, a 25-meter training pool and a 200-seat grandstand. In addition, there will be seminar rooms and a high-level evaluation room for swimming lessons. The swimming pool also has a spa function and a gym.
The 53-room sports hotel is located on the Alkotás street front of the building complex, the entrance lobby area opens from the Alkotás street front, and a breakfast room and a heating kitchen are connected to it.
The roof of the swimming pool and athletics hall will be designed as a sports roof, with a running circle and paved sports surfaces for various recreational sports. There is also a gym, rhythmic gymnasium and martial arts facilities.
There is also a historic park
The complex of the dormitory-student hotel building is planned to accommodate 400 people and 224 rooms. Some of the rooms will have barrier-free accommodation and single and double rooms.
The project also includes the construction of a parking garage for 198 cars and 5 motorcycles.
The investment will result in a total of more than 30,000 square feet of sports facilities, nearly 6,000 square feet of underground parking, and nearly 14,000 square feet of accommodation-type facilities on more than 50,000 square feet.
The contractor will also be responsible for building a historic park of more than 18,000 square feet.

PTE: new obstetrics under construction
Dr. Péter Hoppálwrote: Here are the visuals:
A National Reproductive Methodology Center and family-friendly obstetrics will be established at the University of Pécs with state support of HUF 2.8 billion.
The government supports the health care of Pécs!

Abda: A dental office was built
Istvan Nagywrote: When the hand of fate or destiny overcomes man! A dental practice is being built in Abda, and we have seen the work with Zsolt Szabó, Mayor.

Soltvadkert: the campsite is developing
Sándor Fontwrote: Soltvadkert also goes forward, not backward! Another significant development at Lake Vadkerti, this time the city will receive almost HUF 120 million in support of the small town program.
Mayor Ferenc Temerini and his team always pay special attention to the development of Lake Vadkerti and its surroundings. Before the handover, the new water block will be built in the campsite, and now a complex of buildings will be built, which will house 5 fully comfortable apartment houses. All this is the second phase of a long-term accommodation development after the construction of the water block, with which Soltvadkert can provide a camping service that meets the needs of the modern age.
Congratulations on your investment, I wish many guests to use it!

Ózd: the chapel is renewed
Gábor Rizwrote: The renovation of the Greek Catholic chapel has started in Ózd! Thanks to the state support of almost HUF 13 million, the building will be renovated inside and out.
This chapel was once the “birthplace” of the local community. Before the big church was built, a lot of people got married here, ministered here, baptized their children here. That is why it is important for us to be able to restore the building to its rightful place and remain a place of local credit for a long time.
West Borsod, our home!
Oh, our common cause!

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