Bravo Petya!

Feri can be proud of you! You liquidated a 20% party!

Bravo Petya!

Recent news: The party's vice-president in Debrecen has left Jobbik

Better? LMP? MSZP? Dialogue? Momentum? Which of these would reach the parliamentary threshold if they started on their own? The whole upheaval is only good for their well-known and still-living subsistence politicians in Parliament to be able to sit in Parliament again for 4 years, because they will either start in the tuti-safe districts or be on the list.

Other members of these parties would do better to consider whether or not they will continue to play the role of biodiversity.

There are still two political forces in Hungary: one is Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz-KDNP party coalition behind him, and the other is the oligarch and his party living in the stolen villa. The others are only statistics for the Szemlőhegy soap opera.


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