Modern Cities Program - according to fake news producers is not progressing

(Read stadiums, education health inspectors!)

Modern Cities Program: Hungary is going through historical development! The Fidesz-KDNP government, led by Viktor Orbán, does not talk about improvements, but acts!
Alpár Gyopáros, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements, coordinates the largest developments in the country!

With this video, we refute the lies that have been spread for years! The left says Fidesz is only promising but doing nothing, and they are also spreading that the government is only developing "Fidesz" cities.

Well, let’s talk about the pictures and the facts!

️🤍More curiosities: Let the pictures speak instead of words!
Video: Built in 2021
Video: Improvements (end of summer, autumn) data/videos/435217704665393
Video: Improvements (end of spring, summer) data/videos/1835329446647711
Video: This is what Orbán did with our public education institutions! data/videos/1215108605666438
Video: This is what Orbán did with Hungarian healthcare!
Video: This is what Orbán did with our listed buildings! data/videos/577667423675955
Video: This is what Orbán did with public transport data/videos/1219882711827007
Further developments:

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