Let's see clearly in the case of VAT!

Where VAT is lower, PIT is higher!

Let's see clearly in the case of VAT!

The fence is out of nowhere! When left-liberals shout for a VAT cut, it means they are preparing for a tax increase!

We pay Europe's lowest personal income tax and high VAT rather than the other way around! So we have the choice to buy meat and milk with a low, reduced VAT content, or a "flat TV" with a higher VAT content.

Here are two maps, you can see the differences!

All in all, it can be said that the Hungarian tax system ranks 13th in 37 countries, ie it is among the best.

This so-called International Tax Competitiveness Index Rankings

The Tax Foundation publishes the so-called the International Tax Competitiveness Index, which measures the extent to which the structure of OECD countries' tax systems supports a country's competitiveness through tax neutrality and low tax burdens. The indicator is complex, taking into account more than 40 variables in five categories (corporate taxes, individual taxes, consumption taxes, property taxes, international regulatory taxes). The latest survey of the institution revealed that Hungary became the 13th of the 37 OECD member states examined. Hungary is ahead of the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Austria, among others. Interestingly, Estonia tops the list, followed by Italy. In light of this, it is worth looking at what exactly this means and whether the favorable indicator has a role in the development of Hungary's competitiveness. We anticipate that a good tax policy will keep marginal tax rates low, as high rates can deter investors, which has an adverse effect on growth and increases the propensity to avoid tax.

The Tax Foundation is a leading U.S. research institute in tax policy and has long been looking at how well each tax system provides the right environment for investment, workers, and businesses. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hungary is the first to point out that the OECD has the lowest corporate tax rate (9%), and even points out that tax legislation on multinational companies is better than average. Not only incidentally, the advantage of the flat-rate tax system is also emphasized. At the same time, they point out that consumption taxes are excessive and, in fact, criticize the 27% rate of value added tax (VAT). At the same time, the Tax Foundation points out that economic growth is mostly held back by high corporate taxes, while personal income taxes and consumption taxes have less of an impact on economic development.

The organization even points out that the domestic tax system has made great strides in terms of competitiveness in recent times and is one of the most competitive. From the point of view of competitiveness, it is important that the burden on employers is continuously and gradually reduced and that the flat-rate taxation of businesses is also simplified. Based on the indicators and rankings of previous years, we should not be surprised that Hungary can still move forward in the rankings. In recent years, Hungary has continuously improved its position; In 2016, it was 19th in the ranking of countries, and in 2018, it was 13th, which it has been able to maintain ever since.

Another interesting fact is that another Baltic state, Latvia, finished in second place and even put New Zealand behind. Among the Visegrad countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are ahead of us, as they rank 6th and 11th respectively, while Poland's tax system is the least competitive, with the country ranked 36th.

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The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!

Why do we still support Fidesz? Therefore!


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