The income of an average family now and in 2009

The numbers show that although life has become more expensive by about 50 percent compared to 2009, we are still living better now than under left-wing rule!

The income of an average family now and in 2009

We present another example, where we want to refute the "4 million starving countries" of the left through the situation of a completely average Hungarian family. lies.

Assume that one parent earns a minimum wage and the other an average wage, assume that their overhead is currently $ 45,000 (water, electricity, gas, garbage collection, etc.). If they paid that much today, they would have paid 60,000 in 2009 for the same consumption. The government cut the overhead price by 25 percent in 2013, from which the 2009 overhead can already be calculated. The example is, of course, free to rewrite, anyone can substitute any salary and any amount of overhead, the point is, the rate does not change. So whoever pays, say, 75,000 for utilities today, paid 100,000 in 2009 for the same consumption.

For the average family so todayYou have 3x as much money leftafter paying the overhead as in 2009! These include free textbooks, free or discounted meals, home renovation and homemaking benefits, family tax refunds and more! So, you can "replace your family" here, but the reality can't be denied yet.

And the point is, what is 3x as much money today? HAZUDIK, who says the price has been so high since 2009. Here are the prices of some products dating back many years, you can see! Use a magnifying glass to find a product that is 3x more expensive today! For most products, approx. The price is 50 percent. For each of your products, you can calculate how much we can buy from it now and in 2009.

Why do we still support Fidesz? Therefore!


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There is now a family allowance AND a family tax credit instead of a family allowance.
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(The payroll calculator also shows the family allowance and the family tax credit, one parent must enter the number of dependents: 2, the other must leave this field free)

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