Do you want to live in a country under construction or decline?

We decided! Come on, Fidesz!

Do you want to live in a country under construction or decline?

8 new developments show what the current government is doing for all of us! There are MORE THOUSANDS of such examples on our website!

Békéscsaba: the sports hall has a high standard
The volleyball hall of Békéscsaba is presented in a video
Athletes and sports fans have been using the new sports facility in Békéscsaba for a year and a half. The Sports Hall of the Volleyball Academy of Békéscsaba - the construction of which was carried out by SWIETELSKY Kft. At a high standard - received the Construction Industry Award in the sports and leisure category at the end of 2021.
The building, implemented within the framework of the Modern Cities Program, can accommodate a total of 240 spectators, and the training of the youth takes place on three standard-sized, certified volleyball courts at the same time, with the possibility of space separation. The sports hall meets the requirements of organizing international competitions in all respects. Conferences and larger family events can be held in the waiting room.

Zalalövő: new steering window
László Vighwrote: In Zalalövő, citizens can now manage their affairs in a government window that provides a high standard of service.
The newly designed government window for about HUF 40 million awaits customers at Szabadság tér 1, the site of the former document office.
The grand opening, which was attended by dr. Rózsa Sifter, Government Commissioner, Mr. István György, Secretary of State, and dr. Attila Pál, the chairman of the Zala County Assembly, was also held today.

Kereki: the doctor's office was renewed
Mihály Witzmannwrote: Kereki is beautifying and evolving!
The doctor's office and the medical service apartment in Kereki were renovated, and new medical equipment was purchased.
Together with Mayor László Csicsai, we looked at the latest investments in the village.
- The tourism development of Kereki Castle and the
- construction of a visitor center.
- We have a winning tender for the construction of the Szántód-Kőröshegy-Kereki cycle path,
- and the construction of a rainwater drainage system.
The municipality has recently purchased a new tractor and additional work equipment, and
- The Reformed parish also created a community space with the help of the government.
- A free WIFI service has been set up in the town as well
- the twinning relationship,
the tenders of the Association for the Wheel Together, and
- decisions were also made to support village day programs.
- Recently, we managed to obtain state funds for the construction of sidewalks and roads within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program.
These are the joint successes of Kerek in the last two years.
And once I have been there, we have also discussed with the mayor his plans for the near future.
We also want to work together on road construction, the modernization of the cemetery, the development of the village center and the construction of a new cycle path to Tab.
Thank you for the kind invitation!
Congratulations to the villagers!
Come on, Kereki!

Semmelweis University: new CT
Tamás Schandawrote: Budapest world premiere
A unique CT device has arrived at Semmelweis University, and the one billion forint device can revolutionize cardiovascular medicine and oncology diagnostics. No such state-of-the-art equipment has yet been commissioned in Europe
The device is the fastest in the world and has the highest spatial resolution. As a result, a more accurate diagnosis can be made much faster than before, with lower radiation exposure.
During a heartbeat, the whole heart can be imaged with it!

Star: the new gym is ready
Dr. István Vitányiwrote: "A" type gym in Esztár. The project started on June 30, 2020 and ended on January 11, 2022 with the technical handover. The building has 9 parking lots, 5 bicycle storage rooms and a renovated small building for public use, as well as a green area.
The new gym, built for 323 million forints, will also be an excellent home for community events in the village. Congratulations, take care. Bihar continues to develop!

Kisvárda: construction of the new kindergarten is completed
Dr. Miklós Sesztákwrote: The works are going well, we visited the building of the Reformed kindergarten under construction with the pastor Csaba Kormos
The churches also dare to dream big With the newly founded institution, not only Kisvárda but also the Reformedness of the region fulfills its old desire.
The education system of the Kisvárda Reformed Parish in Kisvárda is completed with the kindergarten and the nursery, which is also being built.
Photo: Sándor Szabó

Inárcs: new village bus
Member of Parliament Károly Pánczélwrote: Arrived Pocok - as the locals called it - a village bus supported by the Hungarian Village Program.
The new vehicle will also help the work of village caretakers as well as the transport of the elderly and children.
Congratulations to the people of Inárcs, and thanks to the Hungarian Village Program and Gyopáros Alpár for another successful application!

Cramping: new preschool gym
Csaba Nagywrote: We handed over the newly built gym of the Görcsönyi Kindergarten and Mini Nursery!
The investment within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program was necessary due to the growing number of children;
Renovation work will also begin soon in the nursery’s kitchen and canteen, where school and preschool children are fed. Thanks to the Hungarian Village Program, in the more than 50-year-old part of the building, the renovation of which has long been justified, new doors and windows will be installed, the coverings will be renewed and the replacement of the wires in the wall will be financed by the municipality. The new kitchen and dining room is expected to be completed during the spring.
It is with great pleasure that more and more children are being born in the countryside, and at the same time the municipalities have the opportunity to develop and expand their institutions to provide a place and conditions suitable for the rising generation.
We will continue to develop our settlements!

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