For left-liberal “economists”

Reducing VAT does not mean you will pay less!

For left-liberal “economists”

What do you think the multis would do IMMEDIATELY as soon as VAT is reduced? We know! I would raise the prices so that you DO NOT pay less at the checkout! The same product can even be more expensive with a lower VAT, as VAT is only one component of the total, the other is the price itself.

Higher-than-average VAT forces domestic traders to keep prices as low as possible due to free trade within the EU and international price competition, because if something becomes much more expensive for us than, say, in Slovakia, people will start buying it there ( eg in border settlements or ONLINE)

An example: If we have a vacuum cleaner of our choice for 35,000 HUF and a foreign webshop for 30,000 HUF, it would be worth ordering online. The situation is forcing the domestic trader to set a rational price with which to retain customers. Meanwhile, you pay 15% personal income tax, which currently ranges from 19 to 25 percent in Slovakia, depending on your salary.

Of course, it is not possible to buy basic foodstuffs, baked goods, dairy products, etc. online from abroad, but the VAT content of these prices is already 5%, ie the lying campaign of the left has run out - they are demanding and doing what Fidesz has done for a long time.
Products and services in the 5 percent range are here anyway

What is Fidesz doing in contrast?
It reduces income taxes, raises wages and pensions, and provides tax exemptions.
Why? In order for you to be able to buy more for your money and not the state, you decide whether to pay the lower or higher tax (VAT). If you don’t smoke, you don’t pay cigarette tax, if you don’t drink, you don’t pay brandy tax, and so on.

This is what Viktor Orbán did:

The left would deduct the money from your pay, they would decide in advance how much you could make a living from, and that wouldn’t make the prices lower even if they reduced VAT.

In theory (but only there!) It would be possible to reduce the VAT rate to 0% and burden everything on income, but then the question would arise, why should we pay tax together on products that we do not consume? For example, booze, cigarettes, or "caviar with lobster." Anyway, EU legislation would not allow for the complete abolition of VAT, each country could have a basic VAT rate and two preferential reclassifications for each product.

We therefore prefer to keep the VAT level and reduce income taxes, which is a fairer system that benefits Hungary, the Hungarian people.

Think! There is an election campaign, anything can be promised, only after 4 years of reality. Start from what you’ve experienced over the last 12 years, and not from what Jakab, Dobrev, or Márki-Zayk are now shouting at.


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