The left is preparing for a brutal tax increase!

You will be paid so that no one else will work!

We will show in 1 minute what the opposition is up to. It will "hurt" everyone: both those who are lost and those who are not given it.
We already know the policy of the left, that is, the principle of 'pay the rich', where everyone who does not live on aid is considered rich. The current 15 per cent income tax will be raised to 42 per cent, as it used to be, with a mockery of super-gross ridicule. It must be understood that the "rich" still pay more, since the income of HUF 200,000 is subject to income tax of HUF 30,000, while the salary of HUF 500,000 is subject to tax of HUF 75,000, but the percentage is the same, ie 15%. The left would take the money from those who work and give some to those who don’t want to work, and most of it would go down smoothly!


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