Development or decline? We are also voting on this!

It is less than 3 months, and it turns out which way most Hungarians choose!

Development or decline?  We are also voting on this!

With the help of 8 new projects we will show why Fidesz-KDNP is a good choice! Development instead of institutional closures, normal road construction instead of PPP, development instead of health care privatization.

The incubator house of SZTE is ready
Science in focus: the first facility of the Science Park Szeged, the SZTE incubator house, was handed over
The first incubator of the University of Szeged, the 85-hectare Science Park, located next to the ELI-ALPS Laser Research Institute, which provides the unique infrastructure of Szeged and has been awarded the Level Award, has been handed over.
The renovation of the incubator house built on the site of the Soviet barracks in Szeged was completed by Ferroép Zrt. And will operate as the headquarters of the Hungarian Center for Excellence in Molecular Medicine.
During the works, the specialists carried out a complete mechanical, high-voltage and low-current renovation of the 3,300-square-meter, neglected three-storey barracks building, as well as laboratories and offices.

Road 2106 has been renewed
Bence Rétváriwrote: More and more road sections are being renewed in my constituency. We also go forward on new roads, not backwards!

Nagykanizsa: new CT equipment
Peter Cseresnyéswrote: New, modern CT equipment is being put into operation at the Dorottya Hospital in Kanizsa!
This can reduce the waiting list and speed up patient care, as the device operates much faster than before, has a lower radiation exposure to patients, and is capable of much more detailed imaging, meaning that lesions can be detected sooner and easier.
The CT, acquired with a state subsidy of HUF 240 million, is also a good example of the Government's emphasis on health care, which is reflected not only in the improvements, but also in the gradual increase in salaries provided to the employees of the area.
In recent years, Dorottya Hospital in Kanizsa has received a total of approximately HUF 7 billion in development support.
While the left would make healthcare pay and close hospitals, Fidesz is making significant and continuous improvements.
Hungary is our first!

Kiskőrös: a school gymnasium is being built
The Kiskunhalas Wattay Technical School and College in Kiskunhalas, Kiskunhalas, is enriched with a new sports center.
Within a few days, construction will begin on the construction of the new sports hall of the Kiskőrös Wattay Technical School and College in Kiskunhalas, Kiskunhalas, Bács-Kiskun County. With the investment of nearly 900 million forints, the institution's dream for decades will come true, as the school has long struggled with the problem that it does not have a sports hall of the right size and equipment. The new sports hall not only solves everyday physical education classes, but also provides opportunities for mass sports and other events.

Göd: a new school gym is being built
Bence Tuzsonwrote: We are expanding the Wheat Eye Catholic Primary School and Primary School of Art with a new gym, which will also be a new community space for Göd!
The design of the new gym and community space is in the planning stages. In addition to school lessons, the new facility will be used by local sports associations for training and possibly matches. Its design allows it to hold conferences, concerts or even theatrical performances. People in our area also believe that improvements are needed that play an important role in maintaining our physical and mental health.

Miracle: the doctor's office has been renewed
Dr. Tilki Attilawrote: Ákosné Hézser, Rita the mayor of Csaroda is always nostalgic when she arrives at the beautiful office built from the TOP competition, since her mother, Aunt Erzsike, was dr. In addition to Dr. András Veress, who is one of the most popular GPs in the area, he is a medical writer.
It seems that here, in Csaroda, the professional love is inherited by the medical clerks as well, since Mrs. Simon Judit Zolcsák has just recorded the data of the order from Seven Heads.
The building is eye-catching and we are delighted that medical equipment has been obtained and the nurse service has been renewed.

Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló: Road 4 is quadrupled
The section of the main road 4 between Hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen will be extended by a total of 12.1 kilometers.
After the completion of the investment, Hajdúszoboszló will gain a high-speed connection, as Debrecen has previously been connected thanks to the M35 motorway - within this, the Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló section of the main road 4 is in direct connection with the M35.
There will also be special junctions, a cycle path and a new road
The section of the main road 4 between Hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen will be extended by a total of 12.1 kilometers, and three separate junctions will be built. The development will be carried out between the eastern junction of the Hajdúszoboszló bypass road (this is the junction of the main road 4 and the road 34121) and the junction of the István Debrecen road.
It is planned that the project will also include
Joining the Hajdúszoboszló bypass, no. main road - 34121 j. construction of a new roundabout at the road junction;
In the inner area of ​​Ebes, connecting to the existing road section between Rákóczi utca and József Attila utca (planned for the later road 48101. j) a new route of approximately 1 km between József Attila utca and Ady Endre utca;
in addition, two pedestrian and bicycle overpasses will be built and an existing bridge will be extended;
In addition, the preparation of the Hajdúszoboszló-Ebes-Debrecen cycle connection is one of the tasks, taking into account the existing Hajdúszoboszló-Ebes cycle path.

M44: The Kecskemét-Szentkirály section is built
We have the contractor for the Kecskemét-Szentkirály section
Hódút is building a 32.3-kilometer track starting from the immediate vicinity of the M5 connection of the main road 5 running near Kecskemét, which is also the westernmost and last part of the M44 leading to Békéscsaba. Thus, with the completion of the section now announced, the goal of building the M44 will be fully achieved: Békéscsaba will be connected to the expressway network by connecting the M5 motorway to the city.

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