You can choose from this on April 3rd!

Insecurity, vulnerability, scratch OR a growing, developing, safe, family-friendly Hungary!

You can choose from this on April 3rd!

We've already decided!
We have another 4,500 arguments for Fidesz-KDNP on our website!


PS: Anyone else can be a candidate on the left! The idea that this is also part of the show is getting stronger in us: they are showing an unacceptable candidate who, at the last minute, e.g. on the grounds of health, he resigns and the second place winner of the show, Ferencné Dobrev Gyurcsány, is replaced. Klara is pushing a lot and now the attention of the right is Mark-Zayn! Please "opinion leaders" to be on the lookout! In the meantime, here’s some clue to this work.
Video: Dobrev's opinion about the Hungarian people data/videos/521038532284596

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