DK was lying orbital again! All in! Anything for power!

Now they just lied that pork went up by 30 (!) Percent at the end of the year. But what is the reality?

DK was lying orbital again!  All in!  Anything for power!

Let's see! The CSO's database contains the average price of certain products dating back many years, including pork. Using the net minimum wage, current prices (based on Tesco’s non-promotional prices) and prices, we have shown how much can be bought from pork now and at the end of their rule.

The joke is that not only has the real value of wages increased, but the price of pork has DECREASED compared to prices 2 years ago! Do we still remember their mating with "New Year's Piggy Back" blocks when pork was more expensive just because of the swine flu? It was 2 years ago, 1 year ago when the price of meat dropped they were listening and we wrote an article.

In summary, today the minimum wage is worth twice as much pork as in 2010! In addition to the 5% VAT, wage increases, tax cuts and overhead cuts, you can really owe this to “Viktor”!

There was a comment during DK's post that was immediately "democratically" deleted. One of their followers wrote, "I'm selling meat, that's not true."

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Wage calculator 2009
Wage calculator 2020
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Orbán reduced the VAT on meat!
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