The people of Tatabánya became poorer by HUF 57,000,000 due to their unsuitable mayor

The people of Gyurcsány spoke of solidarity and then fired 24 people, irregularly!

The people of Tatabánya became poorer by HUF 57,000,000 due to their unsuitable mayor

The buddy clerk, of course, got a little horse, receiving a million reward after 1.5 months of work.

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The dismissed workers won a lawsuit in Tatabánya in the first instance

The unjustly sent office workers won a lawsuit against the town hall, Csaba Schmidt, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP faction in Tatabánya, reported in a Facebook post. The pro-government politician recalled that exactly one year, a few days after the left-wing mayor Ilona Szücsné Posztovics had declared a "year of solidarity", she had made an unprecedented showdown in the mayor's office in the history of Tatabánya.

As he explained, 24 civil servants, most of whom had worked for the people of Tatabánya for 10-15 years, were fired in an unworthy and humiliating manner.

- The mayor sent, among others, a mother with six children, a mother and a father who raised their three children alone and whose work could not be complained about. At that time, the mayor tried to justify his dismissal with governmental withdrawals, although he later said in several interviews that he had changed from those with whom Miklós Fekete, former deputy mayor of the MSZP, he simply did not want to work. According to a decision, the officials could not even be re-hired, the Fidesz politician reminded. Csaba Schmidt explained that, knowing all these knife-opening facts, he offered his help to his former colleagues, who had been humiliated many times over.

“The bravest of the posted workers, with the help of two out-of-town lawyers I recommend, went to court for their unfair and irregular dismissal. Now, in the first instance, the Győr Court ruled that the layoffs were irregular and awarded ten employees compensation equal to their 8 and 15 months' salary. The verdict is not yet final, but the total HUF 57 million in damages awarded is a strong message to the mayor and the clerk that we should not talk about expertise and humanity, but rather practice them on a daily basis! - emphasized Csaba Schmidt, who thanked the ten brave civil servants, who remained brave in the midst of the disciplinary initiations and threats following their deployment, and showed that the people of Tatabánya could not be treated in this way without consequences.

To our knowledge, the office has not yet filed an appeal in the cases, but legal representatives expect this to happen. However, they are confident that if the case continues, the appellate court will also give the posted workers justice because a number of serious mistakes have been made in the dismissals.

Meanwhile, Tatabánya was "bled" by the listed projects for almost 63 billion forints. To understand the magnitude, let's add that the city's annual budget for 2021 was 26.6 billion forints.


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