This is also due to Viktor Orbán and his government!

There is so much development that this is the second such compilation today!

This is also due to Viktor Orbán and his government!

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The Vajda J. High School in Keszthely was renovated
One of the wonderful buildings of Keszthely and the grammar school operating in it have been completely renovated.
Bálint Nagy, the mayor of Keszthely, also reported that all the doors and windows of the huge building had been replaced thanks to government support. From now on, students can gather, recharge, exercise and celebrate in the completely renovated asphalt courtyard. In addition, the sports field has become more modern: it has a completely new rubber cover for the safety and health of the students.

The Gödi Németh L. Primary School is being expanded
Bence Tuzsonwrote: We are expanding the László Németh Primary School and Primary School of Art with 9 new classrooms. We will also create an eco-classroom and an eco-garden.
I am constantly working to ensure that children attending school in our area can study in a quality environment.

Electric Icarus arrives in Kaposvár
The first electric buses from Kaposvár arrive from Icarus
Ikarus can deliver the first electric buses of Kaposvári Közlekedési Zrt., After the Hungarian manufacturer's subsidiary Electrobus Europe Zrt. public procurement for the procurement of Despite the small number, the store is of historical significance, as it is the first order for an electric bus with Ikarus roots in China, but already redesigned here in Hungary.

In Őrbottyán: a new school with 24 classrooms is being built
School construction continues: in Őrbottyán, a new primary school of nearly 9,000 square meters is being enriched. In the investment of BMSK Zrt., The preparatory works for the new primary school to be established in Őrbottyán have started, which will be implemented with a total of 24 classrooms, a sports yard and a playground.

A new school is being built in Csömör
BMSK Investment, Technical Development, Sports Management and Public Procurement Ltd. has published a call for tenders in the EU public procurement bulletin for the planning and construction of a sports primary school to be established in Csömör. Part of the design task according to the notice is the general construction planning and construction planning of the newly built educational institution with a net floor area of ​​8478.04 square meters and a net floor area of ​​2247.47 square meters covering all disciplines.
According to the approval design documentation at the institution
16 classrooms,
7 specialist rooms,
8 group rooms,
a gym with a floor area of ​​1192.77 square meters, which can be divided into three parts,
a half-gymnasium of 226.2 square meters,
a 121.92 square meter spa and physical education room
together with the associated server rooms. The building will be completely barrier-free

The renovation of the castle in Diósgyőr is progressing well
Impressive video about the castle of Diósgyőr: we can see the construction site from a bird's eye view and next to the castle wall
The works are based on archaeological documentation, with the help of which both the outer and the inner castle regain their old glow.

The M4 bypass in Szolnok will be ready soon
It is expected that from February we will be able to travel on the section of the M4 road bypassing Szolnok.
The technical handover has already been completed in December, and after the issuance of the marketing authorizations, the traffic can start - dr. Member of Parliament Mária Kállai. The construction of the M4 Abony (East) -Törökszentmiklós (West) section by the northern bypass of Szolnok is nearing completion, and much may be handed over soon.

A bicycle path was handed over in Karancsalja
An 11.3 km long new cycle path connects the settlements of the Karancs Valley. Pedestrians and cyclists can now travel safely between Karancsalja, Karancslapėpő and Karancskeszi, as 11.3 km of cycle paths and 5.4 km of sidewalks have been built in the settlements. In addition, the continuation of the section towards Salgótarján is within sight.
The three municipalities teamed up back in 2016 to improve the sense of security for vulnerable road users. Bus and truck traffic is also significant on the 2206 main road, and there were not even cycle paths in many parts of the inner city. The settlements successfully applied for the TOP funding of the European Union, thus receiving a total of HUF 1.3 billion for the development. As a result, Karancsalja, Karancslapėpő and Karancskeszi also received new, safe sidewalks with a total length of 5.4 kilometers, while an 11.3 km section of a cycle path was built between the three villages. An important goal in the near future is to run the bike path all the way to the center of the region, Salgótarján. Planning work on this is already underway. The bike path will serve both daily commuting and tourist destinations.

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