Where are you then, fake news producers?

The flagpole, and what's beyond

Where are you then, fake news producers?

We already wrote yesterday about what was being distributed about the Citadel ("Butcher builds a flagpole for 5.3 billion")
ūüĎČPanish at sham producers! Something national is being built again, which is Hungarian! The poison scribblers of Soros are lying, even in connection with the renovation of the Citadel!https://bit.ly/31B93RY

Now let's see what's "beyond the flagpole"

The southern bypass of Baja is being built
The nearly 4-kilometer-long road will divert traffic through the city center. The project also includes the construction of cycle paths, pedestrian, bicycle and service roads, as well as bus stops and axle weight measuring points. Frame-crossed culverts are built on the crossed watercourses.
According to the exact data, it will also be built
195 meters walking and cycling path,
1230 meters cycle path,
2355 meters 2 √ó 1 lane service road,
3 roundabouts,
2 axle weight measuring points,
4 basalt concrete paved, busy bus stops,
as well as the construction of utility crossings and triggers.

The monument Citadel is being renewed
The renewal of the Buda World Heritage Site will continue with these steps
Z√Ā√ČV and Market are reconstructing the Citadel of Buda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire Citadel will be renewed, new features will be expanded, the green space will increase by one and a half times, a new public park will be built, there will be a lake, a caf√©, new lookout terraces AND a 35-meter-high Hungarian flag. The Communication Office of the Castle Headquarters stated:
‚ÄúAt the current stage of the renovation of the Citadel, the preparatory excavation of the development area, the reconstruction of the walls of the fortress and the construction of a flagpole will take place in the amount of approximately HUF 5.3 billion, of which the cost of building the flagpole is only 2%. Reconstruction of the nearly 10,000-square-meter wall area will be done by cleaning the surfaces, removing calcite and gypsum deposits, and removing weak, weathered parts. During the wall reconstruction, the specialists will also rebuild the red limestone tops. ‚ÄĚ

Békéscsaba: the parking garage is ready
Tamás Herczegwrote: Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that the market in Békéscsaba is a decisive place not only for us, the people of Csaba, but also for those living in the area. As a result of a long process, the market in Csaba gets a new image, and with it the surrounding part of the city is renewed. Work on the HUF 8.2 billion investment began last year. The parking garage is also part of the development, which had its technical handover today.
Temporary sales outlets on the ground floor of the parking garage will be set up later this month, after which the old pavilion row and the wholesale market area will be handed over to the contractor as a work area, and demolition work will begin in February. A modern, new indoor-open market hall and a new pavilion will be built in this area. A public forum will be held in the parking garage area on January 11 from 10 a.m. on market project work.

P√°ty: a new sports hall is being built
The settlement of Pest County is enriched with a multifunctional hall
In the sports hall of P√°ty there is an opportunity to organize gymnastics and martial arts, as well as ball games trainings and competitions.
It is planned that the hall will not only provide opportunities for sports, but will also function as a cultural and community space. The complex offers gymnastics and martial arts, as well as ball games and competitions. The complex also has a fitness room

ELTE: the listed buildings will be renovated
Higher education developments in the center of the capital: the buildings of an elite grammar school and the Eötvös Loránd University are being renovated
In the investment of BMSK Zrt., The practice gymnasium of the Eötvös Loránd University in Trefort Street will be renovated on a total of more than 8,500 square meters, and the building of the Trefort Garden Campus of ELTE will be renovated.
A large-scale school development investment could start soon in the VIII. district ELTE Trefort √Āgoston Gyakorl√≥ Gimn√°zium at the corner of Trefort street and Szentkir√°lyi street.
The institution will be modernized on a total of 8,500 square meters

Tiszaszalka: the doctor's office was renewed
Dr. Tilki Attilaby Hajrà Hungarian Villages! Hajrà Tiszaszalka!
The mayor of Tiszaszalka, Ildikó Deák Udvarhelyi, presented the office renovated from the Hungarian Village Program. We hope to contribute to raising the standard of basic health care.

Sz√°zhalombatta: a sports hall is being built
The new building will be used primarily for international and domestic sports events.
The new hall is planned to be a two-storey building with a capacity of 1,297 people and a gross floor area of ‚Äč‚Äčalmost 3,000 square meters.

48 new trolleybuses arrive in Budapest with government support
Solaris Bus & Coach and Skoda Electric Consortium Receives Order for 48 Cordless Electric Trolleybuses from Budapest
Electric buses are appearing in more and more places in Hungary as well, and to our great pleasure, not only on a test basis, but also as an investment of a regionally competent transport company. The biggest driving force behind this is the Green Bus Program, which has been announced several times here in Hungary.
Within the framework of the program, a decision was made in 2021 to purchase, among other things, 60 new e-buses, which will be located in 6 county seats: 13 in GyŇĎr, 12 in Sz√©kesfeh√©rv√°r, 11 in Zalaegerszeg, 10 in Szolnok, 8 in Szeged and 6 in Eger. may be placed on the market. Humda Zrt. Concluded a support contract with a consortium of Vol√°nbusz K√∂zleked√©si Zrt. And Mobiliti Vol√°nbusz Kft. At the event in November.
According to this, 48 ‚Äč‚Äčnew Trolleybuses will soon arrive on the roads of Budapest, which are operated by BKK (Budapesti K√∂zleked√©si K√∂zpont Zrt.). In 2014, a consortium of Solaris Bus & Coach and ҆koda Electric signed a contract with Budapesti K√∂zleked√©si K√∂zpont Zrt. For the supply of 24 trolleybuses. The tender then also included the possibility of extending the contract to purchase an additional 84 vehicles in 12- and 18-meter lengths. BKK also made the expansion, ordering 36 trolleybuses for the first time. Delivery of the order began in 2015, and since then a total of 60 trolleybuses have been delivered to Budapest.
BKK was satisfied with the delivered trolleybuses, as in recent weeks Budapest has once again used the ordering option: this time it has placed an order with Solaris for 12 solo Trollino 12 and 36 articulated Trollino 18 buses. Solaris says the 48 new trolleybuses are due to be delivered by the fall of 2022.

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