It's bad to be a libsi today: The Constitutional Court has decided:

There will be a child referendum!

It's bad to be a libsi today: The Constitutional Court has decided:

The left attacking the anti-pedophile law on child protection has once again run into a hole: the Constitutional Court says everything is fine with the issues and the spirit of the referendum. Fidesz's program is child protection, and the left protects pedophiles against Hungarian children. The "captain" has also stated that he will repeal the Child Protection Act if given the opportunity. It's weird to hear this from a father of seven ... According to them, he wants to please pedophiles too!

Judit Varga wrote:️ The Constitutional Court has ruled: there is no obstacle to a child protection referendum!

AB stated today that the motions submitted against the referendum are unfounded, so finally the Hungarian people can express their opinion directly on the issue of child protection.

Protect families and parents' rights!

Anti-foreign propaganda law passed in Poland!
There will be screams, thoughts, sanctions, there will be marches, petitions, and much more, but who cares ?!
Real help!
It is a long tradition for the government to strive to make the holiday for young people in childcare more beautiful
That's why the left will fail!
We will all be there for the election! We will stop the foreign lobbyist and his buddies!
Márki-Zay protects pedophiles!
I wonder why? What does Márki-Zay Péter cover?

Statement of the Constitutional Court:


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