Some say Orban and his government have done nothing

Then let’s look at some measures from this scratch!

Some say Orban and his government have done nothing

Inheritance scratch deleted
Tax exemption for young people
13. pension, pension premium, inflation-adjusted increase for the elderly
1,000,000 new jobs
Taxes on wages have been reduced
HUF 1,500 billion tax cut in 2022
Record economic growth
Free textbook and catering
Free administrative procedures
Corporate tax has been reduced
Family tax credit, CSOK, baby waiting, grandparents, etc.
The gyes lasts for 3 years again
Home renovation and car purchase support, cheap credit
Developing health, education, public transport, green spaces,
The energy industry fell into Hungarian hands
Real wages have risen
Poverty has fallen by a third
The salaries of doctors, nurses, social workers and other civil servants have increased
Among our TOP3, our investment rate in the EU
Tax refund for families
6 months gun money for armed bodies
The minimum wage is HUF 200,000
Record gold reserves
More and more flats are being built, more and more cars are in circulation
The 3 large credit institutions upgraded Hungary
We pay the lowest overhead in Europe, there is no energy crisis
Fuel overhead reduction
Free cash withdrawal
Households' financial wealth quadrupled
Credit moratorium
Border protection, developing Army, police, disaster management
Small business overhead reduction

👉If for someone it is still "nothing", look at how much the wealth of the population has increased. We had the opportunity to do so because of the measures listed above!
👉For those who are interested in reality, you will find more results at our site!

Go Hungary
Come on, Viktor Orbán!

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