Budapest became "free"

Irresponsible decisions come at a price that voters pay

Budapest became "free"

Dudes receive 10% commission from 5 billion (HUF 500 million)
A letter of resignation under the tree for 500 Budapest workers

Free to steal public property,
you can kick others
you can lie all the time
and is allowed to escape the press.

In the election of 2022, we will deal a devastating blow to the left! Come on, Fidesz!

👉Common list, shared responsibility!
Here's another shot! This is how left-wing politicians are stealing our common property!
A tale about the lack of press freedom
👉1 9 points about who are actually the anti-press
👉Press freedom? Dictatorship?
There has been no Budapest info for 769 days! Those who are anti-press are on the left, understandably - they have something to cover up!
👉Nothing on the left is ever a consequence!
Everyone remained in place, despite the final judgments, the videos, the facts

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