There is never a consequence of anything on the left!

Everyone remained in place, despite the final judgments, the videos, the facts

There is never a consequence of anything on the left!

The left is constantly accusing the prosecution that the head of the "Fidesz" prosecution has already been threatened with being shut down, yet the prosecution seems to be taking action against all politicians who commit lawlessness, regardless of party affiliation. Today's news that the prosecutor's office has initiated the waiver of Paul Völner's immunity is now full of the press. What the outcome of the case will be, we don’t know yet, but if Völner really committed a crime, he will deserve a punishment worthy of it. He left his position for the duration of the investigation.

The difference between the two political sides is that while in Fidesz those who make mistakes leave immediately, nothing on the left has ever had and will have no political consequences. Here are 15 examples.
Márki-Zay would LIST the judges. In a democracy, this statement is utterly astonishing, according to which a candidate for prime minister from the left would persecute judges who do not pass a verdict that is sympathetic to him. Political pressure on independent judiciary! Márki-Zay remained in place.
Karácsony is selling his job, the latest footage reveals systemic corruption on the left. It also turns out that the left is controlled and paid for by foreign forces. Karácsony, BKV has already been fined several times for a total of more than 100 million for its individual decisions, and BKV will lose billions of forints in revenue from the advertising tender alone due to individual decisions. Karácsony remained in place.
Mrs. Bangón rebuked the Hungarian people. Mrs. Bangó remained in place.
Korózs, chairman of the public welfare committee, published a camouflage video in which a lifeguard tells horror news. Koros remains in place.
Katalin Cseh's companies have put billions in their pockets, while they can show ZERO real performance. The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is investigating, the NAV has launched an investigation, the Economic Competition Office is investigating, and the Public Procurement Authority has initiated proceedings. Katalin Cseh remained in place.
György Hiesz, the mayor of Gyöngyös, after vaccinating himself and his wife out of turn, gave the test to the residents at six times the price, deducted 13 million forints from general practitioners and reduced the vaccination time. György Hiesz remained in place.
Power was stolen in the office of Peter Niedermüller, who called Christians formidable formations. Péter Niedermüller remained in place.
Csaba Lackner, while serving a white powder with a bank card, talks in a video about who is not a person who does not earn 100 million a year as a politician. Csaba Lackner remained in place.
Zsolt Legény, CHAIRMAN OF THE ETHICS COMMITTEE OF THE MSZP, fell off the Ukrainian border with 15,000 boxes of Ukrainian cigarettes in his car. Zsolt Legény remained in place.
Ákos Hadházy is the champion of transparency ...
In 2019 alone, Hadházy mowed 40 million at the barn ride that was banned for him as a representative! In addition, he pockets the honors of millions of MPs and even tars! Despite the fact that according to the Law on the Status of Members of Parliament, he is not allowed to engage in gainful employment and has suspended his veterinary activities according to his declaration of assets - he is actively working, so his declaration of assets is false. Hadházy remained in place.
A porn video was released about the left-liberal mayor of Budaörs, Tamás Wittinghoff. While Borkai resigned over a similar case, Wittinghoff remained in place.
András Fekete-Győr threw smoke grenades at the police, which is called violence against an official. András Fekete-Győr remained in place until he was replaced by his own party due to the ugly pre-election defeat.
Peter Jacob toured the country with beaters, these "people" in black beat one of the passers-by. James remained in place.
Wind Bernadatt was one of the main players in the 2018 siege of MTVA. The politician intimidated the people working there, there was a brawl during the action, the opposition politicians tried to blackmail MTVA by saying that if their wishes were not fulfilled, thousands of angry people would “come in” from the street. Meanwhile, the police threw stones and bottles at the street, one of them almost set on fire. Wind Bernadett remained in place.
A final judgment was handed down in the Czeglédy case. The court found damages of several billion forints. Czeglédy remained in place.

When the left accuses Fidesz of ANYTHING, it is better for everyone to be aware that all irregularities at Fidesz have consequences, while the left masks the criminals.


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