The fake-news media on the left is keeping this quiet

They are very important investments, they are not talked about either, instead they describe that the vaccination campaign is "government propaganda" (but of course they are not anti-vaccination ...)

The fake-news media on the left is keeping this quiet

"The number of Hungarians who deny the virus has increased spectacularly, but the government's propaganda seems to be suffocating," writes the pseudo-news portal So the vaccination campaign is what they say is "government propaganda" .... Whoever described this is not normal. He must have been beaten in his childhood. And they claim they are not vaccinated!

But let's get back to the important news! Here are another 8 developments to refute the "steal in the Oba" section. lies. As we can see, the money is in the right place.

One of the most important milestones has been the Mosoni-Danube water level restoration project: the estuary has been relocated
We regularly inform you about the construction of the floodplain and comprehensive development of the Mosoni-Danube complex estuary, which is taking place at Véné, near Győr, as a major water investment in the area. The major investment is being carried out by a consortium of Mészáros és Mészáros Kft. And Kötiviép’B Kft. The engineering tasks are performed by Főber Zrt., The formwork equipment is provided by Magyar Doka Kft. In the project.
You can massacre, libsik!

Nagykáta: the building of the police headquarters was renovated
- The energy renovation of the Nagykáta Police Headquarters was also justified by economic and environmental considerations.
- The financial source of the development was provided by the support won in the KEHOP tender approved in 2016.
- The existing building has been given 15 cm of external facade insulation with noble plaster.
- Instead of the old plastic windows, high-quality wooden doors and windows have been installed.
- Instead of central heating, a modern heat pump system has been developed, which also solves the cooling of offices during the heatwave period.
- The power supply is assisted by a 129 solar system on the roof.
- The cost of the development is HUF 291 million, to which ORFK and Pest MRFK contributed HUF 30 million.
Thank you for the work of the police! Thank you for living safely in Hungary!
I wish you much more success and good health!

Békéscsaba: The parking garage will be completed soon, then the pavilion line and the market can come
Once the parking garage is structurally completed, the building will carry out electrical, mechanical, resin, locksmith and paving work on the building. The parking garage will be completed first, after the parking garage is licensed for use and the vendors are temporarily relocated, after which the contractors will take over the pavilion line and the market area as work areas so that they can start working there as well.

Feldebrö: the kindergarten has been renewed
Horváth Laciwrote: Every corner of the János Asztalos Kindergarten in Feldebrő has been renewed!
A decade ago, the left left the small settlements alone, saying the village was an outdated form of settlement. However, the Fidesz government is convinced that the rural way of life is valuable and must be maintained and strengthened by all means. That is why, among other things, the Hungarian Village Program was launched, thanks to which the institutions where our children open their wings are renewed.
The settlements of our region, including Feldebrő, showed how to take advantage of the opportunities, and also how serious the results can be achieved if there is will, strength, intention and perseverance. The kindergarten in Feldebrő is now a real wedge of the settlement!
Congratulations to the community and at the same time thank you to all the kindergarten staff for their quality, loving work! And I wish the children many experiences and happiness!
Let's keep working!

The Zselici section of the Blue Tour is developing
Another tourist accommodation was handed over on the Zselic section of the South Transdanubia Blue Tour
Another accommodation was handed over in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Zselic Forest, on the Pál Rockenbauer South Transdanubia Blue Tour route. Haracsi Vendégház offers affordable accommodation for hiking, cycling and horse riding in the vicinity of Hotel Kardosfa. During the Ödön Téry National Tourist House Development Program, two more accommodation facilities were recently renovated in Zselic, with the Meteor Chalet in Simonfá and the Gyertyános Chalet in Kaposvár.
Zselic is part of the Transdanubian hills, with its sloping landscapes it is a great destination for tourists who like gentle terrain. There are several hiking trails through the charming hills, including the Pál Rockenbauer South Transdanubia Blue Tour and the South Transdanubia Red Tour. According to the period visitor counts, tens of thousands of visitors and hikers visit Zselic every year. Therefore, there have been a number of recent developments in the area that are also an excellent destination for tourists in boots, cyclists, nature photographers, amateur astronomers and school groups.

The Püspökladány – Ebes section is completed
The railway station was renewed in Kabán, Hajdúszoboszló and Ebes, and the two-track, electrified line section between Püspökladány and Ebes was completely rebuilt and modernized. Underpasses, overpasses, noise barriers were built.
The government will spend HUF 6,000 billion (!) On railway development over the next 15 years, which will make transport in Hungary more competitive, convenient and faster.
The investment of NIF Zrt. Underwent a significant modernization in the 100. Railway line no., Püspökladány - Ebes railway line section. Thanks to the development, the quality of the railway service in Hajdú-Bihar county will increase significantly, and the rebuilt railway stations will provide a modern environment for the traveling public. Sándor Bodó, State Secretary for Employment Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Tamás Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt. And Zoltán Nyul, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of NIF Zrt. .
Source: levélszakasz-atepitesenek-munkaió-Sándor-746134725416297/posts/313613430584341

Újfehértó: Szabolcs Almacentrum
Istvan Nagywrote: Újfehértó. Szabolcs Almacentrum. Bouquet inauguration holiday.
It is always good to visit home, but especially today, as we have reached a milestone, the foundation of the apple center, the construction of the structure and the exterior cladding have been completed. It is planned that in July 2022 the complex will be fully operational.
Thank you for being a part of this development!

The Derecskei main canal was renewed
Dr. István Vitányiwrote: The modernization of the Derecskei main canal has been completed. Thanks to the successful implementation of the HUF 3 billion project funded by the European Union and Hungary, the water management of the Derecske region has improved. The investment has made it possible for the area to grow crops in a predictable, safe way, thus greatly increasing the competitiveness of those living in agriculture in the agricultural sector.


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