Kamu's hundreds of frostbite!

The left has been lying about this for years, and they can't give a single example!

Kamu's hundreds of frostbite!

Referring to the non-governmental organization Kamu, the left and their false news media claim that hundreds of people in Hungary freeze on the streets or in their unheated homes every year.

Bence Rétváriwritten by:
Left-wing politicians and the left-wing press prefer to refer to an organization called the "Hungarian Social Forum" regarding the number of homeless people and those who have died from frostbite. Immediately and without any criticism, the data that comes from them is disclosed as fact. They give the appearance of being a serious professional organization that provides data from a credible source in a verifiable way. But this is not the case at all. Not only is there no evidence for the authenticity of the data, but not even for the existence of the organization.
If we go up to the page of the public non-governmental organization register of birosag.hu, we can see that there is no “Hungarian Social Forum” in the list of non-governmental organizations, ie such an organization does not exist. But if we look at the domain data of the kamus organization's website, it can still be seen that the mszfszk.hu website is owned by an individual, not an organization.
🤦♂️ So the main source of data for the entire Hungarian left-wing politics and press is an officially non-existent organization. And the fictitious data of this camouflage organization is being taken for cash from week to week and the government is being attacked on the basis of this fictitious data.
✋ Anyone who takes themselves a little seriously should not refer to the fictitious numbers of a kamus organization. There was enough fake news production, camouflage images, camouflage videos, camouflage statistics and camouflage organizations! Only fake news producers rely on the unverifiable data of non-existent organizations whose only matter is rioting and government attack, not credibility.

Even if there is such a case, it is in Budapest, where the left-wing leadership has pushed the homeless into the streets, where the smell of urine and faeces has swept the underpasses, where paying passengers can stink on public transport, where the protection of the homeless is just as bad. green policy.

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