The Hungary of the future is being built, we are putting development resources in the right place, and the EU recognizes that

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The Hungary of the future is being built, we are putting development resources in the right place, and the EU recognizes that

Another recognition, now from the European Court of Auditors
The European Court of Auditors presented its 2020 annual report to the European Parliament's Wednesday plenary session, noting that Hungary's performance was outstanding in the 2014-2020 financial period.
Meanwhile, the left
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Now let's look at today's nation-building compilation!

The Cradle Mountain Lookout was handed over
The government has spent 27 billion forints on ecotourism investments through state forest farms since 2010, the state secretary for forests of the Ministry of Agriculture said in Szentendre on Thursday.
At the ceremonial handover of the Bölcső-hegy lookout tower, Péter Zambó said that within the framework of the ecotourism developments of the last ten years, 52 lookout towers, 150 other facilities, 40 forest accommodation establishments, 17 visitor centers and 11 forest schools had been established. He added that 11,500 kilometers of marked forest hiking trails, 1,600 kilometers of designated cycling trails and 400 kilometers of horse riding trails are managed by forestry farms.
35 major ecotourism developments have taken place in the Pilisi Park Forest alone, including the Naplás Lake Lookout Tower, the Hármashatárhegy Lookout Tower, the Rotter Lajos Tourist House or the now handed over Bölcső Hill Lookout Tower, the Secretary of State added.

The construction of the southern bypass of Veszprém is progressing well
Progress is being made on schedule 8. Implementation of the first bypass phase of the main road Veszprém between the Litéri and Füred junctions.
From the end of December 2021, the section belonging to the first stage of construction, between the Litéri and the new Budapest junction (up to the 49,100 km section), can be used by commuters.

M85: handover of another section is approaching
Already at the end of this year, NIF Zrt. And the DS Consortium will fully market the section of the M85 motorway between the Balfi junction and the Fertőrákos junction.
In recent weeks, the construction of the Deep Road has progressed at a very good pace, so for the 100th anniversary of the allegiance to the City of Sopron, ie
At the end of this year, NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. and the DS Consortium will fully market the M85 IV. between the Balf junction and the Fertőrákos junction and the new Deep Road.
The final touches are made before handover
According to the DS Consortium, the contractor completed the construction of the pavement on Mély út in mid-November by pulling on the asphalt wear layer. At the same time, the contractors solved the painting of the pavement signs and the construction of the traffic technology.
In addition, the humus layer of the benches has been completed, where gardeners have already grassed and planted plants until handover, and there will also be an irrigation network.
At the junctions of Mély út, the paving work has also been completed, with the final installation work on the traffic lights and street lighting remaining. As a closing, the railings will be placed on the sidewalks of the retaining walls. Prior to the handover in December, the DS Consortium will remove the temporary traffic equipment currently in use from the section between the M85 Balf junction and the Fertőrákos junction and clean the pavement, allowing road users to take possession of the new section of the expressway in a completely new condition.

Fonyód: the new sports hall is finished
With the work of B Build, the new hall will fully serve not only the athletes but also the audience with technology that is absolutely in line with the requirements of today’s modern age.
One of the largest sports investments in the area is being built in Fonyód with the cooperation of the NIKÉ Handball Association and B Build & Trade Kft. The billion-dollar construction - which will be carried out by B Build & Trade Kft. As the sole general contractor on the order of the Hungarian Sports Academy of the NIKÉ Sports Association and is expected to be completed in the early spring of 2022.
The exterior and interior industry is currently working
Construction manager Ervin Szentesi informed our newspaper about the current status of the three-storey, 3,720-square-meter handball hall with a net floor area of ​​nearly 1,000 people. In the project, a prefabricated sports facility with a reinforced concrete frame and a steel truss roof structure will be implemented. The hall is approximately 65x45 meters in size, with car and bus parking and bicycle storage.

Nyírkarász: new workers' hostel
The government's labor market program encouraging the creation of workers' accommodation will continue next year, the state secretary responsible for employment policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) said in Nyírkarász, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, on Thursday.
Sándor Bodó recalled the handover of the HUF 323 million workers' apartment group of the Master Good group of companies.
The program, which was announced for the sixth time in September this year and has a support budget of more than HUF 10 billion, is managed by the National Employment Fund and is being evaluated, the Secretary of State reported.

Kaposvár: new buses at the new railway station
Attila Gelencsérwrote: Another 6 environmentally friendly, comfortable and modern buses are on the roads of Somogy county.
Travelers can find modern vehicles in the areas of Kaposvár, Kadarkút, Böhönye, Nagyatád, Csurgó, Barcs and Marcali.
The aim of the continuous modernization of the vehicle fleet is to make bus travel more and more environmentally friendly, safer and more comfortable for passengers.

The Zalaegerszeg-Zalalövő cycle path is ready
László Vighwrote: The so-called "lighting technology" provides greater traffic safety for cyclists on the Zalaegerszeg-Zalalövő cycle path, about which we gave information today to Tamás Schanda, Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary, Deputy Minister and Mr. József Móricz, Director of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.
Thanks to an investment made courtesy of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt., Illuminated pavement signs help traffic in the dark - from sunset to sunrise. Congratulations on your development!

The two-lane 83 main road is under construction
They are working on piling up 23 bridges on Pope’s expressway. The development will be implemented with the main contractor of Soltút and Danube Asphalt and the work of Euroasphalt.
We’ve written several times about the construction of Highway 83, which began a little over a year ago. In the investment of NIF Nemzeti Infrasturktúra Fejlesztő Zrt., A four-lane road between Pápa and Győr will be built on a mainly new route in two stages. On the main road 83, the southern section between Pápa and Tét will be constructed by Duna Aszfalt Zrt., While the northern section between Tét and Győr will be constructed by Soltút Kft. In the southern section, EuroAszfalt Kft. Participates as a subcontractor.
Now, the NIF has released a spectacular video that shows how the work is progressing on the new path: the state-owned company said it was moving at the pace planned.
Work on the track structure will begin in the spring
In addition to the video, several data showing the scale of the development and the stages of construction have been published, as it turns out that the humus sanding and filling foundation work has been completed and the trial installation of the pavement base and the asphalt base layer has been completed. Thus, in the spring, based on the evaluations, the construction of the track structure can start on the already completed embankments.

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