More hospital renovations!

8 institutions will be renewed only at Semmelweisen!

More hospital renovations!

Before anyone describes the demagogue dume that Fidesz is renewing for "election," watch this video first and then comment on it so you can avoid making yourself the object of ridicule.

It is also worth noting that the project in question started in 2016, with developments starting after several years of preparatory work. These are not single-family homes, these are hospitals, you need a little more expertise here.

Semmelweis University has a number of colleges and clinics, of which 8 high-capacity facilities can be upgraded under the "KEHOP-5.2.4-15-2016-00004 Energy Upgrading at Multiple Semmelweis University" project.

During the program, the buildings of the Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, the János Balassa College of Semmelweis University, the Department of Pediatrics No. I and the Ferenc tér 15 building of the Faculty of Public Health have been renovated.

In addition to the above-mentioned institutions, the works are being carried out at 5 other locations, including the Clinical Block on Tömő Street. 25-29 Tömő Street. The government provided HUF 1.5 billion for the renovation of the building under number 1 and the development of the equipment.

The last nail into the coffin of the false news manufacturers - The facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital is also being renewed!
Now how will Hungarian health care be depicted? Pictures of Romanian barracks and Ukrainian hospitals remain!


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