András Tállai: Families will vote for their own future in 2022

How right you are! This is not about parties, it is about our lives!

András Tállai: Families will vote for their own future in 2022

He who votes for himself and his family is the enemy of the left. He votes for Fidesz, whose future is important for himself and his family.

If the left comes to power, it is over.
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Creating a home
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Protect your family, marriage, your child

Families will vote for their own future in 2022: while the government is currently using various forms of subsidies to help families wanting their own property, this situation will change immediately if the left comes to power, András Tállai, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, told Mediaworks News Center. in a given interview, which was described by Magyar Nemzet in its Thursday issue. He said that so far approximately nine hundred billion forints of demand has been received from the population for the various home creation opportunities that have been available since 2015.

András Tállai recalled that with the first Orbán government's home-building program, hundreds of thousands of families were able to improve their housing conditions. He stated that "the socialist government tightened the conditions for housing subsidies from mid-2003 and then limited the tax credit for housing loans, which it completely abolished in 2007. In 2009, essentially the entire housing subsidy system was abolished with the abolition of socpol and interest subsidies."

"They have done the same with regard to the construction of rental housing, which they have so strongly promoted today," the secretary of state continued. As part of the first Orbán government's rental housing program, 12,000 rental apartments were built out of HUF 60 billion, but "this program was abolished by the socialist-led government. Almost nothing of the left's rental housing program was realized: amount ", he said.

He also thinks a big question is whether the left would retain the opportunities introduced over the past ten years. "The Fidesz-KDNP government has launched a new home-building program: between July 1, 2015 and the end of October 2021, nearly two hundred thousand families received chocolate applications worth almost HUF 633 billion. By the end of April 2021, more than An application for support amounting to HUF 144 billion has been received, and an additional HUF 13.5 billion has been requested for village tax refund support. .

As of January 1, 2021, the government has further expanded the home-building program: the 5 percent discounted housing VAT rate is back on track, and families with children can purchase a new home free of VAT. Another discount is that families who require chocolate are exempt from paying for their apartment. In addition, the possibilities for using support for the reduction of mortgage debts for housing purposes will be expanded by enabling the support to be applied to several existing credit debts at the same time. "And at that time we hadn't talked about the home renovation program that started on January 1, 2021. With the help of this, hundreds of thousands of families can renovate and modernize their homes - so far, more than 122 billion forints in applications have been received."

According to András Tállai, it is feared that if the left comes to power next year, these concessions will be null and void. "It is clear that for Gyurcsány the creation of a home is only important in the opposition, instead of building a government, they are just being destroyed and restrictions are being imposed," he declared.


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