Here is today's "bouquet" development, the silenced reality!

While the left is spreading fake news

Here is today's "bouquet" development, the silenced reality!

Let's share as many people as possible, because this is the real achievement! More links, videos at the end of this post. (And yes, both hospitals and schools!)

Bonyhád-Tevel-Murga: the road is ready
Árpád János Potápiwritten by:The renovation of the Bonyhád-Tevel-Murga connecting road was carried out from domestic sources, financed by the Hungarian Village Program. The 6.8-kilometer-long section, renewed from HUF 886 million, was ceremoniously handed over today by Minister János Süli, with whom we held a joint press conference on regional road renovations.
We are pleased to report that 150 kilometers of road sections in Tolna County have been renewed in the recent period in the amount of only HUF 2,99 billion thanks to the Hungarian Village Program, the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program and the Central Danube Regional Development Program.
Thousands also travel on these sections every day, making it safer and more comfortable through renovations. We thanked the County Directorate of the Road, all the contractors and all those who take part in the development of the road network in Tolna County.

Tata: new military sports hall
The completely renovated sports hall of the 25th György Klapka Rifle Brigade in Tata was handed over, named after one of their beloved heroic dead.
János Bencsik - For the Tata Basinwrote: After forty years, soldiers can use the renovated gym again - Klapka György Dandár - Tata
When designing the interior of the gym and selecting the equipment, the goal was multifunctionality, so in addition to providing individual sports opportunities, stage-level training sessions can be held in the hall, where up to 40-50 people can play at a time after the planned final equipment. In addition, the climbing wall designed for the hall also provides an opportunity for soldiers to learn basic alpine and rock climbing techniques within the barracks, regardless of weather conditions.
The new gymnasium is named after Lieutenant György Cluj-Napoca, who died a heroic death on September 7, 2010 in Afghanistan, as the commanding flag of the 1st Rifle Battalion and the 3rd Rifle Squadron. His subordinates loved to serve with him, and he was a caring and outstandingly precise man in his work, with great emphasis on educating him in military life.
Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi, Commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces, and Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defense, also took part in the handover of the HUF 200 million investment.

The 19th Airbus helicopter has arrived
An almost routine scene took place on November 23, at the 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base of the Hungarian Armed Forces: another H145M helicopter arrived from Germany at the Airbus donauwörth base.
The “06” H145 helicopter and its German crew were received by Lt. Col. Roland Csillak, Deputy Chief of Staff of the 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base of the Hungarian Armed Forces. Although the rotor had already crossed the border in Hungarian colors, it made the route between Germany and Hungary with a temporary German register and permits, as well as the Airbus factory's own pilots, until its official handover.
Although it arrived as the penultimate arrival of the twenty-aircraft fleet, the “six” was actually among the first helicopters destined for Hungary, it was only necessary to wait until the end of November to return home because the training and preparation of Hungarian sailors and technical soldiers took place on two of our own rotorcraft. However, with the completion of the training abroad, the last two helicopters will be able to start their service in the Hungarian Armed Forces.
The last H145M multi-task light helicopter, still in Germany, is expected to appear in the Hungarian sky in December, completing the twenty-engine convoy.

Veszprém: the gymnast is ready
Péter Ovádiwrote: The dream has become a reality and the high hopes of the future have taken possession of the Gymnast Practitioner realized within the framework of the Modern Cities Program.
It is the result of real teamwork, which would not have been possible without the Veszprém Tournament Club, the Hungarian Tournament Association, the Municipality of Veszprém and the Government of Hungary. Many thanks to both the designers and the contractor.
I am sure that the Gymnast will be home to many beautiful experiences and successes. Congratulations, Veszprém, VTC!

Vásárosnamény: renewable roads
Dr. Tilki Attilawrote: Safe transportation, further plans.
These keywords were uttered at a handover ceremony held in Vásárosnamény together with Magyar Közút Zrt. Mr. József Szilvai, CEO, said that in 2018 Magyar Közút Zrt. Started and completely renovated 520 kilometers of roads. I am glad that in the future the settlements will have the opportunity to renovate inferior roads, and the construction of the M3 and M49 will continue. We are also planning two bridges on the Tisza and the Szamos to further integrate the Szatmár-Bereg region into the country's circulation.

Pálháza: the kindergarten has been renewed
The renovated and expanded Hegyközi Fairy Magic Kindergarten and Mini Nursery was handed over in Pálháza. The institution has already proved small due to the increase in the number of children. The building was expanded with two group rooms, a water block and a gym. The development was implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Villages program, from two winning tenders, for nearly HUF 93 million.

Monor: A new vaccine factory is built
A vaccine factory in Monor worth HUF 8 billion will be established
Ceva-Phylaxia Oltóanyagtermelő Zrt. Is building a vaccine factory in Monoro worth HUF 8 billion, which will create the largest frozen vaccine storage facility in the European Union, said Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó on Tuesday. The head of the ministry took part in the warehouse transfer of the French veterinary company in the city of Pest county, where a new vaccine factory will be established within the framework of a greenfield investment package. This is the first phase, which was completed within the framework of a HUF 8.2 billion development supported by the state with a total of HUF 8.2 billion.
Since the start of the project, the company has created 180 new jobs in Hungary. In his speech, the minister highlighted that the past year and a half has been about the fight against the coronavirus and "showed how vulnerable we are in the event of an outbreak of one such epidemic, despite continued progress." As he said, this period also demonstrated the need for prevention, of which "vaccination is often referred to as the most important and fundamental item."
He emphasized that this was also the case in animal health, as this area also had "Covida itself", for example in the form of swine fever or avian influenza.

Békéscsaba: the bypass is completed
Ten months before the deadline, the Danube Asphalt was completed in Békéscsaba with its new bypass connected to the M44.
Fürjesi út was built on the border of the county seat for about five billion forints net.
On Wednesday, Békéscsaba's new highway connection, the M44, was handed over: the Fürjesi road, which was built by Duna Aszfalt Zrt. .
József Pántya, the road development director of the investor NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Zrt., Said at the ceremonial ribbon-cutting on Wednesday:
the 5.2-kilometer road connects roads 47, 44 and Csanádapáca with the M44 motorway; with concrete-covered roundabouts at the junctions. In addition, a bicycle or bicycle service road runs parallel to the road.
The contractor Duna Aszfalt Kft. Completed the works ten months before the agreed deadline.

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